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    March 28th Surgery - Now playing Racquetball!

    I am a couple of days shy of 6 months after right hip replacement. Anterior replacement in Arlington Va late March 2018. Surgery @ 8 AM cleared for discharge at 1 PM! I was very lucky and have had a very quick recovery. Never used a walker at all and a cane for only 4 or 5 days. Before...
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    THR March 28th Surgery - Now playing Racquetball!

    So far so good on a quick recovery! 6 weeks out from THR I returned to racquetball. First couple of times playing was a little rough after 8 weeks of no cardio! Had quite a bit of soreness but most was muscle soreness due to lack of activity. No real hip pain. I usually play twice a week...
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    THR March 28th surgery - Quick Recovery!

    Pre-surgery I played racquetball(twice a week) up until 2 weeks before surgery! Pain level was getting quite high while playing and was really bad for two days after playing. Playing racquetball almost until surgery I think aided my quick recovery. I was in pretty good shape with very good...


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