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  1. lotusbuds

    THR lotusbuds' recovery thread

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know I made it and ended up staying 2 nights in the hospital due to pain control issues. I’ll write more later
  2. lotusbuds

    5 more days until my RTHR

    Just wanted to say my surgery is this Friday. I can hardly believe it as this journey of pain started in October 2016. I am not as anxious as I was before I found this forum so am grateful to all of you for your posts as they are so informative. I am having the anterior approach with spinal and...
  3. lotusbuds

    Looking for ideas for Chair with arms and cushion

    My surgery is approaching and I still don't have a chair with arms. We have wooden chairs on the deck with sturdy arms and have to bring one in to see if it will work or if I have to buy one. Any thoughts of what to get if I have to buy one? Not sure if I should be looking at office waiting room...
  4. lotusbuds

    Icing and Elevating

    I find all these posts so helpful and encouraging. Thanks everyone! When I read the advice about icing and elevating I am still not completely getting it. I realize I need some advice. I understand how important it is and am wondering how to do it. My surgery is in 6 weeks. Re elevation Is there...
  5. lotusbuds

    Feeling nervous but at the same time excited!

    Hello I am going to have a right hip replacement early March 2019. Its been a long process to come to this decision but I have finally made it and although I am scared as I have never had surgery I am also looking forward to being pain free eventually. I have been in pain for 3 years. I have 4...


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