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  1. Melmax2

    THR Hi Everyone now 4 weeks post op

    Hi all 4 weeks post not sure were this goes sry haven't posted been been feeling very down. I'm using the cane now, I'm up walking more but I notice over the weekend that I have a lot of pain at the top of my thigh. Is this normal...I'm not in physical therapy, but I do the exercises they show...
  2. Melmax2

    THR Hi Everyone now 4 weeks post op

    Thanks for the tips. I've been down this road many times with pt, and absolutely refuse to let them push me beyond what I'm able to do. I push myself hard enough lol
  3. Melmax2

    THR Hi Everyone now 4 weeks post op

    Hi everyone, had my THR done on 6/1 it was actually the 3rd surgery done on my right hip the first 2 were labrum repairs, that were supposed to fix the problem is I don't think so well I changed surgeon's and he actually listened to me. Well that brings me to surgery, I wake up in my room don't...
  4. Melmax2

    THR Melmax2's Pre-Op Thread.

    Thanks for the well wishes . It's 2 weeks post up now and I'm just starting to feel like my self I'm not sure how to post can you help me?
  5. Melmax2

    THR Melmax2's Pre-Op Thread.

    Hi thanks for the welcome its my right hip.. my 3rd surgery the first two by a different surgeon labrum repair that didn't work. I originally wanted the THR done Jun 2019 but he had other idea that didn't work . So found a new Dr. I'm glad I found this forum
  6. Melmax2

    THR Melmax2's Pre-Op Thread.

    Hi I just joined this forum, my THR had been postponed twice but received the call on thursday that its been scheduled for June 1st, I couldn't wait to get that call and now not so sure ..kinda having mixed feeling about the whole thing should I wait till covid is over..but really would like to...


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