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    Thanks for the New Year Invite!

    I just got my invite, and while I can't be here New year's Eve, I thought I'd pop in to say "hi." I'm so sorry Kipper that things are not well for you. As for the rest of you--please take heart. Most of us have great results. I'm 58 and blessed to be one of them. I had my RTKR in May 2008...
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    3+ week followup.

    Kim, I had the "hot knee" thing with both of my TKRs. Drove me crazy at times. I wore shorts even in winter--I couldn't bear to have fabric touching it at all. In therapy, my PTA would comment on how hot the knee was sometimes. It disappeared eventually :)
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    TKR oct 15

    No way could I have flown three hours 3 weeks after each. I did fly about 12 weeks after by second TKR with no problems. I'm sure others here may have flown more quickly, but it doesn't sound like fun to me. I'm not saying it's not doable, but if you HAD to, arrange a wheelchair to take...
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    Do I or don't I?

    Re: I'm still dithering! Hi there. I'm sure no athlete like you, and, as others have said, this must be YOUR decision. I would point out, though, that many doctors say that your ROM before surgery is your best predictor after surgery. No guarantees, and you might lose some. But my theory...
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    A veteran returns....

    Nancy, YOUR story is inspiring! *grins* We forget about the lurkers sometimes. Glad one of you surfaced--and with another great success story. In retrospect, our fears and delays seem so silly, don't they? (But to those of you facing it, we understand it--we've been there!)
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    A veteran returns....

    Jo--great to see you're still going strong..you provide everyone so much hope, inspiration and knowledge. Kimberly--I'm so glad it helped a little. I remeber how much it helped me to read of others' successes. In a year, I expect you to be coming back and writing your success story...
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    Should I wait or have it now?

    Another vote for do it now. I'm 57, had both mine done last year. I am kicking myself (well, figuratively as my ROM isn't quite that good!) for not having done it YEARS before. There's so much more I could have been doing but my knees were slowing me down and I didn't even fully realize it...
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    A veteran returns....

    Hello all. I had a RTKR in April 2008 and a LTKR in October 2008. Yes, my second knee is having it's one year anniversary. I found this forum just before my first TKR and it was a total godsend. All those silly little recovery questions--everything form stool softeners (Take Them!) to...
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    Getting anxious

    I'm proud of you Paula. Much better name :) A little more hope for you. I just had a co-worker come back from getting her knee done. After ritualistically hiking up our pantlegs to compare scars (her's was MUCH better than mine) she said "It was exactly like you said it would be every...
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    My time bomb exploded!

    Hang in there, Linda. We're all thinking of you & praying for you.
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    YAHOOOO It's over!!!

    Congrats! I couldn't email my second day (too loopy, I was). Glad to hear you are doing so well :)
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    Over for Me TOO!

    Fantastic! Congrats!
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    Getting anxious

    Hey Paula, Change that name to "FORMERcripple" because in a few months, that's what you will be. Keep reading all the old posts--you'll see that probably 90% of us are thrilled with the results--especially if you ask us 6 or 12 months later. If you have not yet, please read my post about...
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    Yet another what a difference a year (or 6 months) makes post

    Hey thanks to you both :) It was right-ways on my computer; don't know why it turned. Oh well :) Oh and for you Egyptologists, this pyramid isn't at Saqqura as I said but at Dashour. (Most don't realize there are over 100 pyramids in Egypt.) I went to the great pyramids at Giza with the...
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    OK...the truth is.......

    Another perfect Jo chart!
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    Yet another what a difference a year (or 6 months) makes post

    Just to put it in perspective, a year ago I could not climb one set of stairs without great pain and arms flailing. Hope this gives all you considering the surgery, or going through the not-fun-at all recovery, some hope!
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    Yet another what a difference a year (or 6 months) makes post

    Here's a couple of pics (I'm the brown hat) as we climbed the "red pyramid" at Saquura! It was about 70 meters up--and pretty steep & uneven steps. Sorry the last pic (view from the entrance on top) is sideways--can't figure out how to change it.
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    Yet another what a difference a year (or 6 months) makes post

    Just a follow-up as we just returned home. We had a fantastic trip and my knees did well. The year-old one was perfect--never a twinge. The 6 month old one did get a bit stiff and achy after some long hot days, but it wasn't anything some ibuprofen couldn't handle. And I did climb some...
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    Yet another what a difference a year (or 6 months) makes post

    My RTKR was April 23, 2008. My LTR was October 2008. I'm 57. This forum got me through both recoveries; such great folks here (especially Jo!). For those of you who are deciding whether or not to do it--or who are struggling through the recovery process, I just want to give you hope...


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