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  1. VancouverUSAgal

    Bilateral TKR Vancouver USA Recovers

    4 days after surgery. Was moved to rehab facility because I'm just not ready for home yet. I won't try to write much tonight because I'm exhausted after PT and being moved and all. I may have a better idea tomorrow after PT assessment as to how long I'll need to be here. I hope not long...
  2. VancouverUSAgal

    Conflicting Instructions - which to follow?

    I asked my surgeon which of my 9 reg. medications to take the morning of surgery and he said only one of my blood pressure meds. Then I saw the Cardiologist the next day and she said not to take that one but to take a different bp med. I suppose it's not a big deal but it's a little scary when...
  3. VancouverUSAgal

    Final prep before BTKR's

    Yesterday had pre-op with OS. I had my lab work and EKG last week. OS told me to take only 1 of my 9 medications the morning of surgery. I asked about his views on PT and unfortunately his view is that it's ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL:groan: so I just hope I don't have the overly-aggressive PT some...
  4. VancouverUSAgal

    Most/Least Helpful?

    All those who've already had TKRs, what items that you took to the hospital turned out to be worth having and what/how much did you not use? I've heard so many different suggestions that I'm a bit confused about what to pack.
  5. VancouverUSAgal

    Finally a new date!

    I am now scheduled for BTKR on March 20. I certainly hope nothing interferes with this date. As some of you recall, I was scheduled for Oct. 3 but my surgeon had to have surgery and then insurance complications caused me to need to wait till March. This surgery can't come soon enough because...
  6. VancouverUSAgal

    Waiting till Spring for new knees

    Since I'm going to be hanging out here pre-op until March or April, I thought I'd start a new thread. For anyone who isn't aware, I was scheduled for Oct. 3 but then suddenly my surgeon needed surgery.:tantrum: There are insurance complications and to make a long story short, I've decided to...
  7. VancouverUSAgal

    Advice Needed ASAP!

    OMG, this postponement thing just gets more complicated and worrisome. The OS scheduler just called me and I have to make a decision today. The doctor had preferred to use the "TruMatch" joint replacement which is some kind of semi-customized replacement which is thought to be better for obese...
  8. VancouverUSAgal

    BTKR Surgery Postponed

    One day after receiving final okay from my cardiologist for surgery, I received a call from the office of my OS informing me that he has to have surgery himself and therefore my surgery will be postponed :tantrum:until Dec. 5. I am really very upset.:hairpulling: For a number of weeks, I've...
  9. VancouverUSAgal

    Can't we just skip the numbers?

    There seems to be so much focus on the post-op numbers for flexion/extension and so much anxiety about them! I don't know why they can't just tell us we're making progress or not and therefore we'd know whether we're doing about the right amount of stretching/exercising. It just seems like an...
  10. VancouverUSAgal

    Leg Elevation wedges

    Josephine It looks like most of the leg wedges for elevation that I'm seeing at stores and online are the "wrong" kind in that they look like the picture you have X'd out because they go up but then turn sharply and will keep the knees bent. Are there any commercial products that you know of on...
  11. VancouverUSAgal

    Can the OS tell if our leg bones are up to this?

    I really don't want to give anyone something else to worry about, but I got to thinking about what one of the OS told me when he refused surgery for me. He said the reason he won't do surgery on people over a certain BMI is that their leg bones can shatter after the implant from their weight...
  12. VancouverUSAgal

    Bilaterals - are you glad?

    you went ahead and did both at once? How long did it take you to feel that way? Obviously, I'm still second-guessing my decision. :hairpulling:
  13. VancouverUSAgal


    Someone promised to loan me one but then I see from posts that there are different sizes? Are they adjustable? Are there differences? What kind is best?
  14. VancouverUSAgal

    Countdown to Oct. 3

    Hi All, This is such a wonderful thing. It's so great to hear what others are going thru and to encourage each other. I know I will be much more prepared for the experience by learning from your experiences.


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