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    Pre Op Depression & Questions

    I lost my math hat in second grade lol Blessings Linda
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    Pre Op Depression & Questions

    Roo-- When I had my surgery I lost 35 lbs-- I just could not eat for several weeks.. my appetite is back (darn it) and..i saw an ad that said 1 pound of weight loss relieves 4 pounds of pressure off our knees.. so... looks like we all need to have a weight loss challenge!!! Blessings...
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    pain meds

    I too struggled with pain.. the pain meds were not particularly effective at the 4 hour intervals.. my dr had said take them 1 or 2 at a time.. so... my daughter, who is an RN and was Director of Hospice for 2 years.. told me.. to take 1 and 2 - 3 ours later take 1 more.. that helped...
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    Noisy Knee

    sigh... probably because we were hippies.. lol Blessings.. Linda
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    Noisy Knee

    OOPS!! My Bad!! (hanging head in shame) Thanks for the response... I'll try to pay attention... notice i said try!! Blessings Linda
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    Noisy Knee

    Well I graduated from therapy Thursday.. I feel good about my progress.. my knee is veryyy straight and my flex was 132 not bad.. so I am on go. I have one troublesome thing... My knee 'klunks' (for lack of a better word) and not infrequently... all the time.. not every step...
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    Another Newbie- Hi There

    Hi Angel-- What an awful experience but I can see that you will not allow your circumstances to get the best of you.. I have a friend who had hip replacement got an infection had to be removed she was wheelchair bound for a number of weeks.. got that fixed... had a knee replacement...
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    Beach, I tried actupuncture for a completely different problem.. but I hated it. All those needles and it is uncomfortable when the put them in.. and caused bruising on my skin... I would not consider it at all now plus at this stage I am concerned about anything that involves a needle...
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    recovery for "older" individuals

    Hi Finely-- We are definitely in the same peer group; I am 64, had my tkr on Feb 4 and we are very much in the same situation for progress. I too suffer some discomfort but nothing that cant be overcome. I have a friend who had bilats and she breezed thru her surgery and was just amazing to...
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    Medication Error

    Rowdy-- Bless you-- my daughter lost her daughter< my precious first grandchild, after a 12 year battle with a terrible disease.. you speak the truth.. without God where would we be!!! Linda
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    Yo, Girls

    I much prefer the black one and I think you are very nice to low-key-it in deference to the new m-i-l to be... I most likely would not be that considerate... sigh... and.. my taste is controlled by... if a little is good.. alot is better!!!! Sounds like a very everyone will have a...
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    What were your private milestones

    My milestones have amazed me in reflection because I had not thought of regaining use of my knee as a milestone DUH!!!!! Ditched the walker at 2 weeks; ditched the cane at 4 weeks; Went back to work at 3 weeks- since I work in Ft Worth and live in podunk Texas it requires about an hour...
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    Missing People?????

    Thanks.. and I sincerely hope everyone here 'turns that corner'. My PT has been amazed at my progress ... and it didnt surprise anyone more than it did me as I had struggled for weeks.. I surely hope that I dont get some sort of Liver issue and have to give up my Ibuprophen.. it has made...
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    Josephine - Knee Tightness??

    My PT recommended vit E oil.. which I use 2 or 3 times per day and I dont suffer from the feeling of tightness from my scar.. maybe that would help.. Blessings.. LInda
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    Missing People?????

    Life is GOOD!! My whole situation turned around when I started taking Ibuprophen.. I dont use prescribed meds ever..anymore.. and my therapy is moving at lightening speed. I am only a couple of degrees from straight and ... now this is the great part.. 7 degrees from 130 on flex.. I am so...
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    keeping track

    Linda, Feb 4.. 8 weeks RTKR
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    Manipulation this week--a little scared!

    I am very curious as to what the protocol is for manipulation. I saw my dr last week --I am appx 8 weeks out.. and when I read of the progress y'all are making here.. because I have not accomplished at all what u have i am -6 and cant remember the other number but seems he said 15...
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    7 weeks post op TKR

    I havent been here for awhile.. but I have been freaking out.. my surgery was Feb 4 and I am still struggling with chronic pain.. go to bed with pain.. wake up with pain.. take my meds.. have a couple of hours relief and then here we go again.. and therapy -espically at home- has been...
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    What's the point?

    HELP!!!!! I have been reading all these posts and now my tummy feels like jelly.. and I am fighting back tears... I dont really know where I am or if I am close to being better .. I know my leg if DEFINATELY not straight.. when should I expect that???? What should I be doing...
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    Hi Tom.. We are very close in time... my tkr was 2/4 I am going into week 5... and I still have alot of swelling...I had bruises from ankle to hip and some nights my knee is the size of a basketball (hubbys description) my pain is better.. and my biggest problem with sleeping is...


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