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    A veteran returns....

    Hello all. I had a RTKR in April 2008 and a LTKR in October 2008. Yes, my second knee is having it's one year anniversary. I found this forum just before my first TKR and it was a total godsend. All those silly little recovery questions--everything form stool softeners (Take Them!) to...
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    Yet another what a difference a year (or 6 months) makes post

    My RTKR was April 23, 2008. My LTR was October 2008. I'm 57. This forum got me through both recoveries; such great folks here (especially Jo!). For those of you who are deciding whether or not to do it--or who are struggling through the recovery process, I just want to give you hope...
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    NY Times article on Knee Strengthening

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/03/health/nutrition/03exer.html?emc=eta1 A recent article about building quads after TKR.
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    TKR Missionaries?

    Yesterday, in PT, my PT asked if he could have my home number so he could put his mom on the phone so I could talk her into getting the TKR that she needs! Then the PT assistant said--"yes--my dad needs it, talk to him too!" I realized that I have become a bit of a TKR missionary. This last...
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    So, a new pain (for me)

    My first TKR was April. My second was Oct. 15. After surgery on #2, I had some sharp pain to the side of the knee cap. At my 10 day check-up, I asked my OS and he said it was exactly where he had done a second under-the-skin incision and it should pass. It did. Then the other night, I...
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    Second knee report :)

    As many of you know I had RTKR last April. Although my progress in PT was slow, it was steady and I AM very happy with the new knee. Had my LTKR Oct. 15. I am pleased to say I am doing better than the first (ROM already over 100, which took me weeks on the first one). I did try to exercise...
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    I just got back from PT and I am so happy! After 4 1/2 months post-op, I finally managed 125 today! I had been making very slow small gains and my PT and I were just debating if 110-120 was going to be the best I ever got to. Well, I worked hard on it all weekend and pushed it into the...
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    Obsession with numbers

    So, many of obsess about our numbers, especially flexing. I know I do. My outpatient PT does NOT measure me every visit--only every third or fourth one. This made me crazy at first but he says it is for a reason... We all do go up and down, good days and bad...or simply plateau. This...


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