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    numbness in foot

    Speedray: I thought of a couple of other things they told me to do. Vitamin B6 100mg twice a day, and a fish oil capsule daily - be careful with that one - rough on the tummy at first. The doctor also said as the feeling starts to come back the pain will likely increase, so I also view the...
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    numbness in foot

    Hi Speedray: Since we have such similar symptoms I thought I was tell you what I have found out. I was referred to another doc to determine what was causing the foot numbness. He had an EMG done on me and found that during the knee replacement surgery the peroneal nerve was damaged which is...
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    foot numbness after TKR - 4 weeks

    Well I was sent for a nerve test and it appears 2 nerves were injured from surgery causing the foot numbness. Doc is saying that feeling should return in 3 to 6 months (sure hope so because wearing shoes is painful). I am coming up on week 6 post surgery it seems like I have slipped backwards...
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    numbness in foot

    Re: foot numbness after TKR - 4 weeks My symptoms are very similar to Speedray. My foot is numb on the top and the bottom. I can move my toes, but it feels as if my foot is swollen though it does not appear to be. It almost feels like I have a too tight bandage wrapped around my foot. The...
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    foot numbness after TKR - 4 weeks

    Hi - I had a spinal. I am able to move my toes forward and back though not quite as well as on my other foot. The symptoms are that the ball of my foot and heel are numb as well as a couple of toes. There is very intense pressure on the top of my foot as if it were bandaged too tight. I...
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    foot numbness after TKR - 4 weeks

    Thanks for all the replies. After 4 weeks I am my recumbent bike about 20 min and able to walk around the block. But it seems like I just want to lay around all the time. This is frustrating. It was disheartening to hear that several have never lost the foot numbness. But thank you for the...
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    foot numbness after TKR - 4 weeks

    I came out of surgery with numbness in my right foot following right TKR on June 12th. Not getting any better. Has anyone else had a similar issue and how long does it take to regain feeling?


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