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    TKR Lavender's getting a new left knee for Christmas

    Hi @lavender like you I am looking forward to getting my second knee done and it will be so nice to feel good next spring and get about easier, although I have to say just having one new knee is good just somewhat lopsided are we mad to be excited I think not I just want to be pain free have a...
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    TKR Lavender's getting a new left knee for Christmas

    Hi @lavender just read you have a date for your 2nd TKR as I now have mine which is the 4th dec best wishes for a speedy recovery
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    TKR new tkr

    :old:so here I am a day short of 10 weeks and all is good saw my surgeon today and we have now booked my right knee in for 4th Dec and I will be pleased to get it done went to a family wedding at the weekend and all was well took one crutch and I did use it but really more for crowd control to...
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    TKR new tkr

    :biking:hello all been a couple of weeks since last update as got a bit disheartened last week as ROM went down. so today ROM is up a bit but nothing major but I did a whole rotation on the bike. this is a big deal for me even though I am now nearly 9 weeks from op super chuffed also I have...
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    TKR new tkr

    :running::biking::swim::swim::swim:so thought I would update on how things are going. been to the pool to do some exercises and I have to say its nice being in the water but my knee feels really heavy not painful but definitely not a normal feeling, hopefully over time I will either get use to...
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    TKR new tkr

    yea a good workout with physio today got to 91-92 so going in the right direction, it was meant to be my last class with them but they are letting me continue so I can be measured weekly and I am really pleased about that. went to the pool yesterday and it was so good to get in the water I miss...
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    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    Hi @marmora well done on the flexion woo hoo go girl. I have just been to physio and I have moved forward a little bit more now at 91-92 so I am now going for 100 as originally it has constantly moved form 90 then 95 and now I want 100 we are all slowly getting there have a good day everyone
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    TKR RTKR Done Looking Forward to the Future

    @jul sorry to hear you are feeling a bit fed up. you only had you op on the 22nd July a week after me and I am not back at work yet. as my surgeon told me last Wednesday this is major surgery and it will take time and your new knee will tell you how long everything will take my ROM is still only...
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    TKR ROM-chatter

    :yahoo:Hi bumknees09 happy labor weekend to you too. unfortunately us brits don't have that holiday although we had a bank holiday last weekend. hope you are doing something nice also I hope your knee is improving . I had my OS appt weds and have a month to improve my ROM otherwise I will be...
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    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    Hi @happymum and @marmora yep we can all do this. I have just been in my garden doing a little bit of this and that and I am sure my bend is a wee bit better today trying to improve my just doing daily tasks as well as exercises have a good weekend everyone Val
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    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    Hi @marmora just read your thread and it is identical to mine apart from I only have a 85 degree bend so a little behind you, saw my os on Wednesday and I also have a month to improve before a possible MUA. I feel quite positive that I can improve but I am also quite receptive to the MUA if it...
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    TKR new tkr

    here we go another update, just had an appt with my surgeon, he is great and very realistic about what I can achieve. my ROM is 85 not great but given my earlier problems with the wound and infection I am not unhappy.it has been a gradual improvement which I hope can keep going . He would like...
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    I need your help: Has BoneSmart helped in your TKR recovery?

    @Josephine this site has been amazing it gives so much information to help people through such a lengthy frightening recovery. everything about the op and subsequent recovery is so scary so the site offers support and advice good sensible advice thank you
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    TKR Anyone have this problem

    Hi @mudonk so sorry to hear about your cat dreadful when a pet passes now onto the peg leg, I had a new knee due to bone on bone arthritis due to the pain beforehand gradually over time I walked peg leg and honestly could not remember how to walk normal. I asked my physio about this as I really...
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    TKR ROM-chatter

    @tiredwife how is your hubby doing after his 2nd new knee also how are you having to be a carer for him, it is as much a journey for you too
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    TKR ROM-chatter

    @bumknees09 lol love the bell idea, we did have a cleaner come in but I thought I should start doing things myself just cant quite shake the guilty feeling and for some reason I imagine people will think I am lazy. thankfully hubby cooks most of the time I just wanted to do normal stuff it gets...
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    TKR ROM-chatter

    oh dear @bumknees09 that sounds awful, if your like me I hate crying just makes you feel like a wuss. to be honest the numbers mean nothing when your in pain and now you will probably suffer for pushing to hard, which I am at the moment, got a bit cocky yesterday did the little drive did lots of...
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    TKR Still Riding the TKR Wave

    @happymum my ROM is only 80 and I am 5 weeks out, honestly if your knee is swollen it just won't bend you can only do so much and I really need to heed my own advice as I did to much yesterday and my knee is swollen and aching good luck with your recovery
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    MUA billywhizz666 - the saga continues

    aahhh @billywhizz666 sounds like you are having a bad time, sorry to hear about your eye hope it gets sorted soon. honestly I can't believe you haven't been told to ice and elevate I was told in hospital and even at just over 5 weeks the physio checks I am icing as much as possible and elevating...
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    TKR ROM-chatter

    hi everyone @bumknees09 I quite agree about the driving and are we suppose to wait to be told we can drive as I took my car out yesterday firstly I was just going to see if I could get into the driver seat but that wasn't to bad managed to press clutch pedal down ok so I thought hey go round the...


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