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    TKR Swelling the more I walk at work

    Curious about how I should be feeling now. I’m approaching my 1 yr anniversary to both of my knee replacements. I’m grateful that I can walk and work full time but still having stiffness, Swelling, and pain daily. Nothing extreme but it’s there. Am I still in the window of recovery or is this...
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    TKR Swelling the more I walk at work

    Thanks for the reassurance. My right knee was done 4/15 and my left 5/6. Having to worry about keeping your job on top of recovery is challenging. The subtle comments from others expecting you to be recovered because you have returned to work is also difficult to endure. Asking for work...
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    TKR Swelling the more I walk at work

    Im 5 1/2 and 6 months bilateral knee replacement. I’m back to work full time as a nurse case manager in a large hospital. My assignment changed due to construction issues and with the new assignment I walk about 7000-10000 per day and often carry another 1/2 an assignment. The more I walk the...


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