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  1. Motherofmany

    Watch out for babies....

    The last couple of days, I've been helping my granddaughters single mom out with her 3 little ones. With the snow, daycare is closed but work isn't. No problem, we have enough girls around here to help with little ones, except at naptime. The 11 month old baby girl goes down for nap around noon...
  2. Motherofmany

    So far... .so good! My RTKR revised

    Hello everyone, What a difference! As most of you know I had Total Right Knee Revision on December 8th. I was dreading it because of my past experiences, however this surgery has gone flawless and my recovery is better than I ever thought possible. The power of prayer and the year plus of...
  3. Motherofmany

    Right Total Revision 12/8

    Well, Here I am again on this side of the table. After all the tests were completed, the results were heartwrenching. Both knees show mechanical failure and loosening. The right being the beast of the two from the beginning, is my first choice for revision. Afterall, it is my driving leg and...
  4. Motherofmany

    Potential Partial Redo of RTKR - need advice

    Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I've been online here. Just went for 1 year check up on my left knee and all was well with it. Right Knee is a different story. Originally had it replace 3/31/09. Many complications. Then MUA in July 09 and finally scope/clean out of knee from...
  5. Motherofmany

    Freed from PT

    :flwr: Never thought I'd see this day come so soon, but on Monday when I went to PT, it turned out to be my last day. My therapist saw me walk in and said, "Rose, you know these exercises forward and backwards, would you like to try the machines today?" These were the words I was longing to...
  6. Motherofmany

    Home with hot knee and clunking along....

    Seems like I got a combination of Kim's hot knee and Mark's clunking one. The first time I moved the left knee after surgery, it popped really loud. Scared Rick and me. Dr. K says it isn't a problem, just gas build up causing all the noise. The first day was a doozy! My body doesn't like...
  7. Motherofmany

    Second TKR Scheduled, 1st Progressing

    Hi everyone, I made progress today during pt with the ROM in my RTKR. My therapist was able to identify and work out the soft tissue swelling area in the calf that was keeping me from increasing my ROM past 90. After the painful yet productive massage, I was able to get on the stationary bike...
  8. Motherofmany

    3 Month Post-op Visit

    First I want to thank each of you for all your concern and helping to educate me on this new knee. I thought I had researched it before hand, but only what the surgery entailed, nothing really about recovery. Thanks for educating me. Helped me to ask informed questions and make wise choices...
  9. Motherofmany

    Help, I need advice

    Hello all, I'm so thankful my daughter found this site for me. I am a 43 year old mother of 8+3 grandchildren living at home; 9 1/2 weeks post-op from RTKR due to OA and injuries. I'm recovering very slowly and would like some advice. Just a little history about me. Had code blue 1st night...


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