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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    I can’t make it from one dose of hydrcodone to the next without level9-10 pain. Also Taking Flexeril and Tylenol. Knees were not swollen much at all this morning, worse this pm. Just talked them into elevating but legs are spread with about 2 ft between feet. Seems they should be almost...
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    Bilateral TKR Alone in the hospital

    Hi Everyone! My BTKR is Thursday. So to Covid 19 restrictions, my husband can only drop me off on Thursday and pick me up in a couple days. I’m pretty comfortable in the hospital setting, not terribly anxious about the surgery, but still worried about how I will react to the isolation of being...
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    Bilateral TKR Ice machines - opinions please.

    Hello, May Marvels! My bilateral TKR surgery is actually happening! It was scheduled for May 21 and I was nearly certain it would be postponed due to Covid 19, but Arizona just opened up elective surgery, so it's on. I have a question.... There seems to be some controversy about icing machines...
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    Bilateral TKR Last cortisone shot?

    I’m scheduled for bilateral TKR May 21, and the doctor has given me the deadline of next week for last injections before surgery. My knees are really doing ok right now, due to cortisone in one and gel in the other. But I’m a bit afraid to go all the way to May without the injections, especially...


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