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  1. DebP

    MUA DebP's recovery thread<^

    Had a Makopoasty of the left knee on the 7th of January. This will be my post-op report rant and rave. I am 12 days post-op. My pain is decreasing, have cut back to one narcotic pain pill about 3 times a day. Still using a walker but getting more brave with the cane. Have had the post-op...
  2. DebP

    January 7th for RTKR

    Looking forward to this, I know there will be a challenge but I am already living with challenges just trying to work and have a quality of life with this damaged knee. Look forward to posting and reading other posts about this subject.
  3. DebP

    Left TKR scheduled for Jan 7 2019

    Just discovered this site. Currently working as a nurse and am very motivated to get back to work. Have been walking, doing exercises to strengthen my left leg muscles and get some flexability. Hopeful to have an increased quality of life.


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