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  1. Lerwick8

    Continuing Medical Trauma

    Greetings to all... I was last on Bonesmart in 2017 when I had a hip replacement. I am now in dire need of a right TKR. My entire knee is bone-on-bone, torn meniscus and two Baker's cysts (one leaking into the knee) I was going to see the same surgeon who did my hip in 2017; however, after two...
  2. Lerwick8

    THR Lerwick8 Begins the Road to Recovery

    Hi all... Just a brief update for now as I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open:alarm: Had surgery last Monday, as most of you already know. It got off to an 'interesting start ' as the anesthesiologist had a really difficult time getting the spinal sedation started due to a 'tough'...
  3. Lerwick8

    Is it unrealistic to hope to walk 4 blocks a few weeks after surgery?

    Greetings, Having an anterior LTHR next Monday. One of my biggest fears is being trapped at home and unable to go outside for a few months. I do not have a car and rely on the bus to get around. That said, I was told that I would not be permitted to ride the bus for 4-6 weeks because of the...
  4. Lerwick8

    Sos cannot use bonesmart since the update!

    Greetings to all... Is anyone else finding it impossible to use the new version of BoneSmart? I can log in and see my previous threads and only my previous threads!! I can start a new thread too (such as this one). However, when I try to view threads from the pre-op/recovery forums, I am...
  5. Lerwick8

    Post-Op Hair Loss

    @Horseshoe , I was just reading through various posts and found yours about hair loss. As I am post-menopausal, I already have to contend with thinning hair. The thought of losing anymore due to the THR kind of terrifies me! Would you be willing to share what doses of the biotin, msm, and iron...
  6. Lerwick8

    Sofa during recovery?

    Greetings.. I have been away from the forum for a while as I have been with my father who is quite ill, so apologies to those who feel that I may have snubbed them somehow. I can assure you that I have been following the recoveries of several members whilst away. Surgery was originally...
  7. Lerwick8

    Pre-Op Blues

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and having read others posts, I am so glad that I found this community. My surgery is scheduled for July 11th (posterior total hip replacement due to Grade 4 bone-on-bone degeneration and a shredded labrum in the left hip). As I have been in so much pain...


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