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  1. Motherofmany

    So far... .so good! My RTKR revised

    Went for six weeks check up and OS says he's happy with how things are going. They fit me with a new brace for the right knee that is much more comfortable but very expensive (almost $700). Asked if it was my only choice and they said it's all they use. Has helped tibia pain. The old brace was...
  2. Motherofmany

    Watch out for babies....

    :th_skeptical: Very funny......(JK), she is fine - didn't even shed a tear, just looked at me confused because I was crying. Don't think she had ever seen me cry before. No worse for the wear. Had 6 weeks check up and everything is fine. I did loose 0 ext for a little while and a little...
  3. Motherofmany

    TKR Going backwards?

    Re: Flying after TKR? I traveled via van at 2 weeks Post-op 2 1/2 hours with first TKR. Doctor approved with stipulations because it was national competition for my daughters that I didn't want to miss. All in all it was an exhausting trip that I only did for my children. Was hard to enjoy...
  4. Motherofmany

    Knee Giving out

    Hi Donna, Hope this finds you doing better after that Cortisone shot. Has it helped any? Certainly if it isn't, make an appointment and have both knees checked out. Do whatever it takes to get things straightened out. Keep us posted so we know how to pray. Blessings,
  5. Motherofmany

    foot cramps after knee replacement

    Just adding my two cents here....But wondering if you sleep with the covers tucked in the bottom of your bed. I found this to be the source of my foot cramping. Have started pulling them out from mattress and what freedom. With this surgery, we toss and turn a good bit. The tightness of the...
  6. Motherofmany

    Dry Skin

    When I had my first TKR, a dear saint from church brought me a gift basket with Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion with Shea Butter. It has vitamins a, c and e and silk peptide matrix. It also does an awesome job moisturizing my skin with the dry weather of winter and the chlorine from the...
  7. Motherofmany

    blood clot in my lung

    Julie, My OS is keeping me on Warfin (generic for Coumadin) for 7 weeks. It has been a pain with bi-weekly PT-INR checks, but well worth it considering the alternative that you have faced. Once I stopped home health and PT, I was able to have mine checked at my GPs office that is close by...
  8. Motherofmany

    Recovery in progress

    Oh Barb, Know it's not what you wanted to hear, but probably not surprised right? The NSAID can really help with the swelling and tightness, but he is right about keeping it mobile. Unfortunately with time we tend to forget to keep an appropriate amount of exercise going because life just...
  9. Motherofmany

    Pain rating a 10

    As someone else who was considered pretty young at 43 for my TKRs, I can surely relate. With my first TKR, it was a living HELL! Pain was horrible due to bad reactions to the meds. I coded the first night on Dilaudid. Not good, especially when they give you the drug to pull everything out of...
  10. Motherofmany

    Need a little feedback and encouragement

    It will take time, but will slowly get better. My first one was a doozy! Ice behind the knee will help for quick relief, as will elevating and icing front at same time. I can't say enough good about the pool and how much it helped me regain strength, balance and proper gait in my right leg...
  11. Motherofmany

    Migaine sufferers?

    Certain drugs cause migraines for me. We were able to pinpoint which ones with previous surgeries, so haven't had many this time. Also lack of sleep and light are huge triggers, especially if I go from complete dark to someone turning on my bedroom light. BOOM - instant migraine. Fortunately...
  12. Motherofmany

    Six month check up--not great

    Best thing I did was get that bone fragment and cement out! Go for it and good riddance. Have had scope and was up and about quickly. Nothing compared to TKR. They just make what I call a snake bite on either side of your scar on the knee cap and take care of it. Just a few stitches that...
  13. Motherofmany

    Anyone taking muscle relaxers?

    I have used Carisoprodol 350 mg which is generic for Soma since my first TKR as needed for muscle spasms only. Haven't heard of or tried Lyrica. Sounds interesting and will certainly research and ask my OS about it Not having too much nerve pain yet. Just sensitivity that is to be expected...
  14. Motherofmany

    Trochanteric Bursitis & Sacroiliitis after TKR

    Jo is so well informed! We are blessed to have her. I think your plan is a sound one Kel. I had hip pain prior to this last surgery and the OS said bursitis too. I've also had issues with my tailbone area since I carried my firstborn 25 years ago. I had testing for nerve damage done 4 years...
  15. Motherofmany

    Knee Infection* The Story of My Knees Part 1

    Re: The Story of My Knees :th_yahoo: Happy for you Sonja! Keep looking up. Perspective is key to our healing. We can choose to be thankful as you are or moan and groan and be miserable - like that horrible doctor of yours.
  16. Motherofmany

    TKR still waiting to reach the other side

    Re: hello 110 at 6 weeks is excellent! I think skigirl is at 150. That's when you can sit on your heels. Not many of us are anywhere close to that though, so it's definitely an individual recovery not to be compared to others. It takes up to one year to start feeling completely well and...
  17. Motherofmany

    Pain when putting weight on my knee ??

    Ugh! Would definitely talk to your OS or GP about pain management for PT. Without it anything feels rough. For workouts prior to this last surgery, I was taking 2 extra strength Tylenol with 1 tramadol to do the 2 hour aqua aerobic classes. The good thing about them is they start working in...
  18. Motherofmany

    Watch out for babies....

    Actually my RTK Revision was 12/8/10. It will be 5 weeks tomorrow. That's why it hurt so much.....still tender from surgery. My LTKR was 9/1/09, so it's a little over a year older than yours. Thanks for the hugs and support. And Jamie, I sure hope it won't be weeks before it feels better...
  19. Motherofmany

    The dreaded tightness under the knees

    Re: The dreaded tightness under the knee/s Sounds like inflamation. Might want to back off that zappy thing the therapist is using and take an anti-inflamatory. Also ice and elevate. When mine for feels tight, it's usually inflamed. I'm sure Jo and Jamie and others will be on soon to give a...
  20. Motherofmany

    Watch out for babies....

    The last couple of days, I've been helping my granddaughters single mom out with her 3 little ones. With the snow, daycare is closed but work isn't. No problem, we have enough girls around here to help with little ones, except at naptime. The 11 month old baby girl goes down for nap around noon...


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