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  1. ARHip

    High Metal numbers with RTHR. Very worried.....

    @Greg, if you track down my posts (click my icon and go from there), you can see my weekly diary. The first couple of weeks were the most difficult, but I think by the third week I was walking a mile with just a cane. I hope your doctor does not have to remove the post in your leg. That would...
  2. ARHip

    High Metal numbers with RTHR. Very worried.....

    Greg, I had revision of a MoM in January. There is light at the end of this complicated tunnel. I was replaced with a ceramic/polyurethane ball. If I can help, let me know. ARHip
  3. ARHip

    Did you recover alone - give me your advice

    Don't forget the stockpile of bran muffins with a chaser of prunes. Be very careful about showering the first week or so. Being alone, you will want to sit, not stand. ARHip
  4. ARHip

    My big day is April 10! I'm scared, but excited!

    @MajorHeidi, Don't worry. When they swabbed my nose, I asked about it. Nurse said around 50% have MRSA in their nose. They give the antibiotics as a precaution to keep any of those beasties from spreading. Remember, we have bacteria all over our body. Some good, some not so good. Beginning two...
  5. ARHip

    THR Feb 25 Birdlady moving to recovery side

    A thought. When are you hurting? If it is while you are not moving, you have pain. If while moving, ... Well, if it hurts, don't do it. You are still early in the recovery stage. At 2 months, there is plenty I could do that hurts. I just don't do it. At your 2.5 weeks, most all movement can...
  6. ARHip

    Hip Infection Recovered from THR x 2 on both sides - now new pain

    Under HIP REPLACEMENT RECOVERY. Look at NOISE ISSUES (On my iPhone App, section is on top). Several good articles and videos there. They answered my questions.
  7. ARHip

    Arkansas Hip Revised

    ARHip 8 Week PostRevision Report: Things going real well working and driving all over creation. I did not "hit the ground running" last week. The sleet storm kept me home till Wednesday. Told management I was not going to ruin a month of healing because of a slip on ice. They all agreed. In...
  8. ARHip

    Re-surfacing or THR?

    @psychopengy, The FDA is concerned about MoM systems (THR and HR). I would be concerned also. Look through the links on left of the above site to see more information...
  9. ARHip

    Where to Sleep After Surgery?

    For my 2 cents, I slept in bed. With all I was drinking to keep things moving, I was up and down more than usual and needed to be close to bathroom. You want good leg in bed first, so may need to switch sides with your spouse. During the day I was in a recliner. I could push foot rest down with...
  10. ARHip

    My big day is April 10! I'm scared, but excited!

    @MajorHeidi, AT LAST! You will do great. His wind is in your wings. Praying.
  11. ARHip

    Metal on Metal warning (old but ongoing news)

    Biomet agrees to settlement for M2a Magnum and M2a 38 implant:
  12. ARHip

    THR I had THR 10 days ago. Taking Hydrocodone for pain

    @Mquagletti, You need to take your hydrocodone. Especially if you can not sleep. I, and most people take it for at least a month. Constipation is a concern for all of us. Look at this thread for combatting that concern. The recommendations work! I simply ate bran muffins and prunes...
  13. ARHip

    THR Burning pain in calf following THR surgery

    @Addysnanny, get back to the ER. Swelling may be normal, but not the pain you describe. The pain you describe is exactly what my Dr said to report immediately.
  14. ARHip

    Arkansas Hip Revised

    @MajorHeidi, You have prayers!
  15. ARHip

    Arkansas Hip Revised

    ARHip Six Week Post-Revision Report: Well folks, in a week on Monday, I return to work. I think I'll be ready to hit the ground running, ... well ... actually something much slower then that. Most each day this past week, weather permitting, I have walked 1.5 miles, twice a day (20 min/mi - so...
  16. ARHip


    @aktp, I had THR. Back 10 years ago resurfacing was not around, at least in my area. Regarding metal sensitivity, I have read (I think on BoneSmart) of tests that can be done to test your sensitivity. Probably costly and not covered by insurance, but it would be worth asking. I have read good...
  17. ARHip

    Revision THR psuedo tumor after metal on metal resurfacing

    @Silveraven13, I am not sure if I had a pseudo tumor, but my surgeon had to remove a significant amount of soft tissue, as well as patch some holes in my pelvic bone. All from Cobalt worn off a metal on metal hip. Not fun. I now have ceramic.
  18. ARHip


    @aktp, I look forward to seeing what is posted on this thread. I expect opinions could be from many different sides. The science, I know, is debated. And everyone has an opinion. For myself, last month I had a revision on a metal-on-metal (MoM) hip placed 10 years ago. My surgeon said at the...
  19. ARHip

    Does your new hip set off alarms at the airport?

    All the time. The pat-down is now just a part of the airport ritual. It is amusement for my family!
  20. ARHip

    anterior vs posterior recovery time

    I agree with the above. The KEY is the surgeon! Horror stories are few and far between. But they always shout the LOUDEST.


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