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  1. Harpcat

    THR Is Ice still recommended?

    Hello everyone! I’m day one on the other side of the pre op anxiety! So glad that is behind me and I’m on the way to adjusting to my new hip. I will hopefully go home today and Home Health will start tomorrow. I was so surprised how just one little move the wrong way getting out of bed sent a...
  2. Harpcat

    Off to surgery in the morning

    I just got the call that I need to be at the Hospital at 4 am! I didn't even think about the DSL time change thing when I scheduled this but at least we gained an hour so it won't be as bad. Does anyone here still feel like they can't believe they are actually going to go through with the THR...
  3. Harpcat

    Best personal aid recommendations needed

    I am vacillating on what aids to buy to be ready when I get home. here is what I have so far: grabber stick side bed rail sock assist device toilet arms to assist getting up or down long handled sponge borrowing an ice machine borrowing a shower stool buying a long pillow to put between legs...
  4. Harpcat

    Shower bathing questions

    My pre op education class insisted that we use a clean washcloth and towel every day once I’m allowed to bathe. The washcloth I can live with, but have trouble reasoning for the new towel each time. Anyone else know of this rule? Also do you think a shower chair is a necessity?


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