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  1. scaredinCA

    Hip problem or something else?

    Can you good people tell me what the symptoms are when needing hip replacements? I have had a pain in my side for months especially when I walk. I had two cat scans for something not related to hip, but no problem showed up in my side except a small kidney stone which has passed. Still have...
  2. scaredinCA

    Can't use the new board.

    I can't get the new forum to work for me... Other times I get a message saying the forums address is wrong, try again, etc. I can't get around on different forums, including the one on bugs, errors, and techy questions. I don't know which thread this message might appear in, but I need help in...
  3. scaredinCA

    JAS system, 10 months out

    Well here I am at 10month post op and my knees never got straight, so my surgeon is allowing me to try the JAS system. It came yesterday and what a contraption it is, but I think for anyone thats early in recovery it would work fast! If anyone is having problems with extension or flexion early...
  4. scaredinCA

    Bilateral TKR Good Grief, what is this??

    I walk ok, I can get up from a chair just fine, I don't have great bend but they bend enough to get in and out of a small car, etc. (at 7 months I think its around 110 and 95 or 100) What I am puzzled about is "standing in one spot", my knees start itching so bad that I have to stop what I'm...
  5. scaredinCA

    TKR's and Dental

    Do any of you who had a tkr have to take antibiotics before having your teeth cleaned?
  6. scaredinCA

    Bilateral TKR My recovery thread

    Opps, I should have started my recovery thread in the bilateral area. Could someone move the one I just posted or merge it with this one please? Thanks, Debbie
  7. scaredinCA

    Bilateral TKR My recovery thread.

    Have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 6:15 a.m. They probably won't operate until 8 though, but I don't know for sure. So thats where I'll be for four days and then MAYBE rehab. If I'm not too drugged, I will try to use daughters Ipad to post and let you know how I"m doing. Take care of...
  8. scaredinCA

    Dreaded count down has begun.

    Friday is my day. Today was my pre-op with surgeon. Having bilateral in order to heal better/more in alignment. All doctors are different even at the same hospital. My doctor said I'll have no ice machine, no CPM, & no TED stockings. He feels the Lovenox blood thinner will be enough to keep...
  9. scaredinCA


    No one seems to know what Anesthesia is the safest. I talked at length with an anesthesiologist and walked away not knowing any more than when I walked in the door. Now today, after reading two posts from two different members, I'm just as confused as ever. One had a general anesthesic and ended...
  10. scaredinCA

    Contracture and TKR question

    I looked in the library and didn't see anything about contracture of the knee. If a person has contracture, will a tkr solve the problem, or will the surgeon need to do more than tkr during surgery? From my understanding, the ligaments, tendons or muscle have shortened over time, so I'm...
  11. scaredinCA

    Its always something!!

    My first surgery was canceled due to tooth infection, then my second surgery (feb12)was canceled because I got the flu and am still recovering. Now they want me to have a heart stress test before going ahead with knee surgery. I was worried about allergies to metals, and worried about muscle...
  12. scaredinCA


    Can you tell me where my thread went today? Did I ask something I shouldn't have and it was removed or lost or? I think my subject line was "What is this" and went on to tell what I was feeling when I sit down. I wondered if anyone else had felt this and knows what its caused from. I've...
  13. scaredinCA

    My journey with bad knees and fears about surgery.

    I am so terrified to have this operation but feel its necessary or end up in a wheelchair and be a burden to my daughter.


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