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    TKR On the other side

    Yes I know. Patience . Last night I actually did a few stairs down and it worked. I was so excited. This morning I am more stiff so it's not working to well, but I do know it will come Thanks for the encouragement
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    TKR On the other side

    I do go down the stairs with my right leg one step at a time. Just wanting to get back to my normal down the stairs. I know my physio was surprised I couldn't do it with my range of motion but it is too uncomfortable (painful). I just find it frustrating especially since I have so many stairs. I...
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    TKR On the other side

    When I had my first knee done 3 years ago we lived in a rancher and I feel I recovered quite quickly This time round we are in a three story. My range of motion and everything are great but I feel I'm taking much longer to recover. It's been 3 months and my knee still is stiff and sore. I feel...
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    TKR On the other side

    Wow I am 7 weeks today. The incision has healed well but I have lots of tightness right in the knee area both on my newly operated leg and on my left that's three years old. Tonight I am finding it frustrating. Don't know if it's because I'm impatient and doing too much or what. I am still...
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    TKR Conscious sedation memories?<

    I had a spinal for my left knee three years ago and no problem, said I didn't want to be awake at all and didn't wake until recovery. For my right knee 7 weeks ago again had a spinal with a very young anesthesist. Again reiterated that I didn't want to be awake and she sluffed it off saying I...
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    TKR On the other side

    Haven't posted for a while. Things are progressing nicely. I am just past six weeks. My last physio appointment I had a 117 bend so that part is coming along. I do find my left knee that was done three years ago gets very stiff as the day goes. Perhaps I am just up and about too much. Trying to...
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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

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    TKR luvcats recovery box

    Glad you are doing well. Hope you get your meds sorted out. I had problems with my meds the first 24 hours. No fun. It does get better I'm almost at 5 weeks and looking back it has gone quickly. Ice and elevate....that will help.
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    TKR Still feeling occasional "tweaks" after 15 months recovery.

    I had my ltkr 3 years ago and still find it uncomfortable to kneel. I had my rtkr June 6. Don't know if I will kneel again. My last surgery was different, they didn't get the pain meds right for 24 hours, After that in some ways it has been easier as I know what to expect. Today though I think...
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    TKR 2nd time around recovery

    I agree. Follow your body. My physical therapist also said don't get off meds too soon. I'm taking Tylenol extra strength during the day but still tramacet at night. Hard to keep moving if you are in pain.
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    June this where I post?

    Good luck on your surgery.
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    Right TKR 6/21/19

    Good luck tomorrow. I'm two weeks out today. The first 24 hours were difficult as they didn't get pain meds right but after that hasn't been too bad. Being first is good I was 3rd and they ran 1 1/2 hours late.....extra thinking time
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    TKR On the other side

    My night time pain isn't too bad. I am still taking tramacet at night and usually get 5 hours sleep and then wake up read a bit and get another nap before morning. My insision has bothered me today but perhaps that's because it's healing. I had glue this time instead of staples and the doctor...
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    TKR 2nd time around recovery

    Glad all is going well. Sometimes the days do get long.
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    TKR On the other side

    Today has been busy. Was to see OS which is approximately a 2 hr drive, appointment took 2 hrs and the back home. Long day, had a nap and iced when I got home. Am doing well, two weeks tomorrow and have a straight leg with a 90 degree bend. Doctor is pleased and will see him again at the six...
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    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    Welcome to a fellow Canadian. I'm two weeks out tomorrow and doing ok. I know the feeling of putting off the surgery but it is good to have a stable knee. The discomfort we have now will be gone soon not like the previous pain that only gets worse. Hope all is going well.
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    Two more days

    Had my rtkr on June 6 so on the road to recovery This is my second, had the left done three years ago. I was nervous but once you get going it's not that bad. Good to have a stable knee under you. Positive thoughts
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    Celebrex prior to surgery June

    Good luck with your rtkr. I see you had your left done in 2016. I had my left as well in 2016 and my right June 6 2019. Good to be on the healing side. Sending good thoughts your way.
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    TKR 2nd time around recovery

    My understanding is that you can take Tylenol with tramadol but tramacet has Tylenol in it. My last surgery I had tramadol and Tylenol, this time tramacet.
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    TKR On the other side

    Well back from PT. I have a very nice therapist. My leg is straight but only have 70 degree bend. She said not to worry as the knee is still quite swollen and we are early days. My left, which was done 3 years ago has a 130 degree bend, so I will get there. She showed me some nice gentle bend...


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