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    TKR On the other side

    Well I am on the other side from right TKR and it is way different than my left TKR. That one I sort of breezed through, this one not so much. I had the last surgery of the day and it was delayed an hour and a half. I had the spinal again but whole new experience as I woke up to the sounds of...
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    One more day

    One more day till rtkr. Hopefully I am ready. Am having a bit of nerves even though this is my second knee. I am just looking to be on the other side and starting the recovery process.
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    Count down on

    Well June 6 is fast approaching. I am trying to be organized and ready for surgery. As this is my second knee I do know what to expect and hopefully I will heal as well as last time. Still somewhat dreading the stairs, something I didn't have to deal with last time. Also as this is my right knee...
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    Scheduled for March 5

    Scheduled for rtkr on March 5 or it will be good to have done. Had ltkr in May 2016. Good on that one for the most part. Have some tightness lately.
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    Surgery set for May 31

    Not quite knowing to expect ...have had other surgeries but this one has me nervous


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