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  1. scaredinCA

    Hip problem or something else?

    Not sure if I can have an MRI because I had two knee replacements and a stent. I haven't seen a doctor about this yet. I have been putting it off because I just dread facing another problem! But eventually I will make that appointment. The pain is on the left side. Is there a place on the...
  2. scaredinCA

    Hip problem or something else?

    Can you good people tell me what the symptoms are when needing hip replacements? I have had a pain in my side for months especially when I walk. I had two cat scans for something not related to hip, but no problem showed up in my side except a small kidney stone which has passed. Still have...
  3. scaredinCA

    TKR Recovering & Getting Ready for #2

    Sorry to hear you have sciatica. Its so painful. I had one bout of it and will never forget it. Seems to run in my family. Both cousins have had it for months so far and nothing has helped them. I remember the butt cheeks hurting all the time. I hope you get over it soon and have a wonderful...
  4. scaredinCA

    Bilateral TKR Having a bad case of the post bi-lateral blues

    Hi Carolyn... I think its very nice of you and others who take their time to post their success stories. New comers are literally craving good news about knee replacements. Other sites give bleak or scary news, but Bonesmart is where to come for the good stories and advice, and you Carolyn are...
  5. scaredinCA

    TKR For Avascular Necrosis

    Have your daughter watch the video of a knee replacement on you tube... THEN she will understand...:holysheep:
  6. scaredinCA

    TKR Yes, I know 40 is so young for a TKR, but I did it!

    Even when you think the swelling is gone because you can't see it, believe me, its still swollen inside. Take your time in recovering.
  7. scaredinCA

    TKR 9 Weeks Out - Questions on Recovery

    I've been on this forum along time and I've never heard of anyone using botox to loosen muscles. Surely if it were done all the time, then someone on this forum would have posted about it.. (or maybe I missed it?) I was wondering if you have a sit down job, like in front of a computer all day...
  8. scaredinCA

    No painkillers being prescribed!

    Thats awful.. Even though I hated the pain meds and didn't take them long at all, just knowing they were there was a great comfort to me. She should not leave that hospital without a script for pain meds...
  9. scaredinCA

    TKR RTKR followed by Revision . Now LTKR giving trouble.

    Please just google what I've posted before, because it has worked for me and might work for you. Its worth a try! Its called CRAMPZ..... I usually dont believe in things that sound odd (like crampz) but I was desperate to end the night time muscle spasms that would wake me from a sound sleep and...
  10. scaredinCA

    TKR Almost 2 years post replacement

    You got an infection from using a waterpick two years ago and you are still in pain.. Am I right?
  11. scaredinCA

    Here we go again!

    You asked about wheelchair.. Through my own fault of putting off surgery, and then having to cancel three, yes I used a wheelchair for about a year.. I only used it when out shopping and felt very guilty about my daughter having to push me around in it, but not guilty enough to sit home all the...
  12. scaredinCA

    TKR This has been the worst, most painful, most careless surgery ever

    I don't know if it will help your situation, but I was having muscle spasms that weren't relate to my TKR's and I went online to look up what I could do about it and found this stuff and ordered it. I thought what the heck, I might as well give it a try even though I was sure it was only snake...
  13. scaredinCA

    TKR This has been the worst, most painful, most careless surgery ever

    Don't worry about your mild fever. I ran a mild one for weeks!! I just kept an eye on it and took tylenol for fever and for pain. Recovered on tylenol after bilateral replacement. :flwrysmile:
  14. scaredinCA

    TKR When will it get better?

    I wouldn't take 800-mg of ibroprofen. Dr gave it to me and I used it carefully and still had my kidney test all messed up. Dr thought I had something wrong with my kidneys but it turned out to be caused by ibroprofen, so now I can't take it ever again for any reason. Be careful with that...
  15. scaredinCA

    TKR Jane B.'s New Knee

    Yes I found this thread and can now watch her recovery.
  16. scaredinCA

    TKR I Made It To the Promised Land

    Its sooo good to hear how well you are doing Diana!! I'm happy for you, truely I am. :loveshwr:
  17. scaredinCA

    Finally getting to explain about my surgery on Aug 7, 2014

    I am so sorry about your complication... Its enough to get through a TKR without having pain on the other side and having the reattachment done. Good grief thats alot.. I do hope you have help at home afterwards! You will need lots of help for awhile. Keep us posted on how you are doing.:type:
  18. scaredinCA

    I'll have the anti-anxiety meds for $200 please, Alex.

    Where are you on the recovery side? Did you make a new thread or keep this one because I don't see you over there.:)
  19. scaredinCA

    I'll have the anti-anxiety meds for $200 please, Alex.

    My couch was up on blocks of wood for months after my surgery and I loved it. Helped so much..
  20. scaredinCA

    Back and hopefully braver now

    I think using the walk in shower would be far easier than climbing into a tub shower. You will probably need a chair with either because at first you might feel weak, and for sure your knee will be sore to stand any length of time. I strongly suggest a chair even in the walk in shower!


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