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    THR From recovering to worsening - help

    Hello, thought I'd update now that I have something more substancial to share besides my own feelings, which haven't been good at all. So two weeks on anti-inflammatory meds, one week double dosed; ice; hot packs; massaging, not sitting nor laying down fully and... Nothing changed, at all, I...
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    THR From recovering to worsening - help

    @Mojo333 @Elf1 Thank you very much qq I've tried hot press before, didnt help much but I read twice a day is good, so imma keep doing it just to see if it works better when long term. And also keep the icing of course c:
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    THR From recovering to worsening - help

    Hello, thought I would update about the situation since I came from doctor. He was a very empathic, kind man. Talked more to me and gave me more advice than all the doctors I saw conbined since my surgery. Also took an x-ray and explained things to me and gave me hope for the future. While...
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    THR From recovering to worsening - help

    @Hip4life thank you for your kindness qq I now always have my leg elevated or am sideways, since the later helps me best with less pain,except for walks for food and toilet breaks as it hurts too much to get up/sit and move again. Also sit for big meals as my mom comes to make them and forces me...
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    THR From recovering to worsening - help

    Hello @Hip4life , thank you for answering and taking the time! To better elaborate and answer: - She said it could be a muscular contracture, hence the muscle relaxors (plus I've been popping an additional Valium 5mg each night before bed, to at least sleep a tiny bit for the past 3 days). The...
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    THR From recovering to worsening - help

    Hey there, I'd like to start by apologizing for my english and ranting, as it is hard for me to keep sumarized in another language while getting to the point. -- Context - - Thanks to this forum place, things at home went REAAAALLY slowly but better, I kept following the advice and even with...


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