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  1. Gingerbread

    Revision TKR Mamie's Recovery Thread

    Mamie, Don't ever discount your worthiness because of your age, ability, disability, or perceived burden you feel you may incur on others. You are worthy because of who you are. You matter. Your life matters. Praying our God, the One who heals all, will bless you with the strength to endure.
  2. Gingerbread

    TKR Knee one year on

    I tried going back at 3 weeks (working from home). Impossible! I was able to return after about 7 weeks but I was working from home with leg elevated with the ice machine running non-stop. Prior to surgery I was in fairly good shape; this surgery tested every fiber of my being in recovery...
  3. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Well here it is about 6 1/2 months post op for me. Looking back, what a roller coaster ride! My day to day life is nearly 100% better. I go up and down stairs no problem. All day to day activities are back to normal. What I do notice, and is bothersome, is numbness. When I am...
  4. Gingerbread

    TKR Unexpected leg pain

    I had some harsh PT and I'll say I know it didn't make a huge difference in the ROM or strength I have achieved since surgery. I am able to do exercise routines I used to do, some with even greater strength, balance and stamina, and it's not due to PT. In fact, once my insurance stopped paying...
  5. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    So these new knees really are strong! I did an old Ballet Barre routine I haven't done in a few years. I haven't been able to do a plie' squat on my tip toes (holding the move while doing upper body sequences) without my right leg shaking like an earthquake was occurring. Well, today I did it...
  6. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    I agree about the shot "settling in" to our affected joints. Right now my knee is a bit worse but my head is throbbing and body aches. Not generally anything that ever happens to me except with flu.
  7. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Praying all goes well for you! :)
  8. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Update on my Covid vaccination. Yesterday I received the J&J shot. No appreciable issues until 2 a.m. I got up to use the bathroom and began shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering as if they could shatter out of my mouth, pain as if I was stabbed in the mid abdomen. I dropped to the floor and...
  9. Gingerbread

    TKR Right TKR Recovery

    Thank you for sharing! I am glad you had relief with it. I am a nurse (working from home the past few years in the insurance industry, so not up to speed on some of the newest innovations in orthopedics) and had never heard of this (not for post op "take home") so I was thinking my surgeon...
  10. Gingerbread

    TKR Right TKR Recovery

    I gotta be honest. I'm jealous reading your and other's stories about having local infiltration anesthetic ("knee pain pump") a few days after surgery. I was sent home with Oxycodone and Tramadol (along with many other meds, albeit lesser inconsequential analgesics and anti-inflammatory). My...
  11. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Question about the Covid-19 immunization. I have not received it yet. I have a history of adverse reaction to Flu shot, so the only shots I do accept recently have been Tdap booster. I also have an over-active inflammatory response, and a history of cancer. Both of these factors (and thankfully...
  12. Gingerbread

    TKR Frustrations

    I understand how you feel. It's like childbirth. Some women can fly through with no pain meds and a quick delivery. Others need all pain meds allowable and have a long arduous delivery. Your aunt is probably in the 1%. Others lie and say they had a recovery as easy as hers. We are definitely in...
  13. Gingerbread

    Hyaluronic Acid Injections

    I have to comment on this post. I had Synvisc injections probably 7 + years ago with terrible results. The practitioner didn't use lidocaine to numb the area first and caused excruciating pain, where I was literally limping out of the office and could barely drive home. I had some temporary...
  14. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Just for clarity, my practitioner suggested I double the recommended dose (which is 2 capsules daily) to 2 capsules twice daily, morning and night. So I purchase the 120 count bottle monthly.
  15. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    It's called "SPM Active".
  16. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Just a note to those along this journey, just about 4 months post op. I have been taking an anti-inflammatory supplement since my practitioner recommended it in August. Due to the price, I attempted to wean myself off. Well, it apparently was money well spent! I skipped my usual morning dose...
  17. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Thank you!!! :loveshwr: It is a gift to grow old.
  18. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Hi @Jamie . Yes, I am on the fence about it. I am such a tech averse person even though my jobs have been WFH and I have had to learn and use new programs. Chalk it up to being old school I guess! I keep looking at it and have as yet to take the leap. I see it also gives a 15% discount. It would...
  19. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Thanks @Susie-Q ! I've been here, reading but not posting. This forum still provides much needed support and I am so glad to have found it. I love reading about your and others' progress. It makes me feel part of a community, one which we are exclusive members :walking:haha!
  20. Gingerbread

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Thank you @Jaycey & @Jockette :). I have a new perspective; have for a few years now. Things that used to be such a big deal just aren't anymore. By the way, I got out of my toxic work environment and found a different, much better position! I'll also be doing some small scale farming in the...

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