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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Is there a place we can donate ice machines? Those without insurance that must purchase shouldn't have to make a choice. I have two
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    PKR Please reply

    @Stewydog, please see an infectious disease Dr. He or she will be able along with an orthopedic Dr to diagnose what is going on in your knee. I got diagnosed with a infection in my knee 2 yrs after the TKR. I had hardware removed, a spacer placed in knee and 8 wks of iv antiobiotics before knee...
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Today is the one year anniversary of my knee replacement after revision due to infection. It was the fourth surgery in two yrs and hopefully my final one. My revised knee is doing so well and I thank God I had this site to guide me through. The encouragement, info on what to expect and love we...
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    TKR 4 weeks post op TKR (Vent)

    Flyingpig...I bought a floor bike which I've now used for two replacements and a revision. Amazon has them pretty cheap. It's just to loosen up the knee not strengthen it. I'm almost a yr out from last surgery, I use it for just 10 min a day. I still do strengthening exercises and walk most...
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    TKR Following My Instincts

    I haven't been on this board for awhile and it pains me to read someone 12 weeks out is worried about what their Dr wants or expects. Please @Samsrf, don't worry about what your Dr wants or says. You have the right, even the responsibility to own your healing and the timeline. If he suggests a...
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    TKR Golfer with ?

    Watching Tiger Woods at Masters today is inspiring. We don't know the extent of his injuries but it was said to be extensive. He's an inspiration to us all!
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    Keep your chin up, in a couple of weeks you'll see some change. It may not be the change you're looking for but you see change. One of the frustrating things about this recovery is it's up and down, the smallest gain can make you so happy. At 7 wks you are still having the depression, I'll never...
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    I had my three month checkup this week. Everything is on schedule or better according to the intern my OS uses for followup. X-rays, numbers and scar are all good. I knew this of course but hearing this from a professional made my day. The only challenge that I am still dealing with is quad...
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    TKR Algarve46 coming over from pre operative thread

    With my surgeries I set goals. Like, let's just get thru the first week. Then, do a little exercise, next graduate from walker, and so on. I always congratulated myself as I reached goals. It's the little things with this surgery. Good luck, hope your goals are quickly and easily reached.
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    TKR I wouldn't do it again.

    @Skip, you are kidding right? You are much too early in this process to be so negative. 8 wks? Take it easy, work gently and I bet you'll get better. Others in this thread are exceptions not the rule. I truly feel for them and hope they can find an answer
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    TKR MSuki Recovery Thread - Sleep Issues, Muscle cramping, Walking

    @MSuki , I started icing and not elevating around your stage in recovery too. When I really overdid it which caused me pain I elevated and it helped so much more than just icing. Did I say how much I dislike elevating:heehee:? I think everyone has different issues with sleeping, after my first...
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    TKR MSuki Recovery Thread - Sleep Issues, Muscle cramping, Walking

    @MSuki , have you tried walking with a cane? Have you talked with your Dr about the pain? Are you doing any exercises, movement may help. You didn't mention icing/elevating, it's so important. Great news about your numbers but as you've found out that's not the whole story. Ignore your spouse...
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    TKR KKnee’s Recovery

    Have the Dr and therapist had a tkr? Didn't think so. What they think you should be able to do is just that, a thought. Your knee will tell you where you should be, it just did.
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    TKR Feeling frustrated

    I think your idea is spot on, at 3 weeks it's easy to do too much. I would ice more often as well. Move but don't push, ice and sleep! I bet you'll notice a difference in a few days. If not call your Dr for guidance.
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    TKR Right TKR - post surgery knee flexion

    Find another PT immediately! Interview them and ask what their approach is. Our knees need gentle movements and never to extreme pain. 113 at your timeline is terrific. With my right knee I never did formal PT, just exercises I learned with 1st knee at my pace. If exercise caused me swelling or...
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    Knee Infection* getting there

    Congrats on finishing IV antibiotics, I know how that feels. I hope your infection is at bay and healing can begin!
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    @Jockette and @Scaredycat10 ,thank you both for the reminder it is still early.... reality checks are so fun huh? I need to give myself permission to be patient but at the same time do what I can to get stronger.
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    So here I am going into my 12th week and my knee is doing well. I have two concerns, the first one is strengthening my quads. They've been weak I guess since my knee issues started. I still need arm help to get up from a sitting position. I'm tall with leg length being my major length. My PT has...
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    TKR Walking gait issue after TKR

    What do you mean by complete failure?
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    I think we all get anxious to get on with life, especially when we have good days. Ibuprofen helps alot on days I struggle. I'm progressing and doing much better than my surgeries and difficulties would suggest. I'm blessed and should focus more on that fact. Bring on spring so I can get...

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