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    THR Hyperbaric Oxygen?

    It's 4 weeks since my THR. After a week or so the wound started to drain excessively. My GP prescribed a course of anti biotics, and the wound dried up shortly before I finished them. Since then, the wound was a bit red and itchy. Especially at night, so I would take antihistamines to reduce it...
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    THR Hyperbaric Oxygen?

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried a course of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment? Can it promote faster healing and recovery after surgery, perhaps?
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    THR New THR and quite upsetting

    My left leg was about 30mm shorter than the right before the op But is now almost exactly the same as the other leg. This has been a boon for me, as I now have much less pain in my back and in my sacro illiac joints! I'm also in the UK but went private The hospital experience was a world away...
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    Hippies scars - post your badges of honor here: NO CHIT-CHAT HERE PLEASE

    15 days post op. Had a few days of excessive drainage, fixed by course of antibiotics. Still a bit concerned by slight redness.... silicon dressing did cause skin irritation. Using a zinc oxide ointment!

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