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  1. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    January 4 will be the six month mark for me for my right knee replacement. The knee seems to have backslidden a bit, which is disappointing. Very stiff and sore. I hurt my left knee overdoing it at work. I work at an elementary school and there is an extremely challenging child that I have to...
  2. Zanza

    TKR Sudden Knee Pain 9 yrs post

    It sounds very concerning. I am praying for you and I hope you will keep us posted.
  3. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    @sistersinhim Thank you so much for the prayers and good wishes. :carols:
  4. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    @Layla Thank you so much. I'm trying to look at the bright side but it's tough because I'm going to miss still more work. I work at an elementary school and my district is woefully understaffed. There are almost three hundred unfilled positions and they need all hands on deck. Still, what can I...
  5. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    Has anyone had to have an emergency knee replacement? I'm six months out from replacing my right knee, and I knew my recovery put a strain on my left knee which I knew was going to have to be replaced at some point. Well, it looks like that point has arrived. My left knee has been pretty sore...
  6. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    Layla, you are so right that it's a blessing the bad doctor retired. I never would have figured out what was wrong, and believe me, I did plenty of internet searching trying to glean some information to go to the doctor with. The new guy had the problem solved in five minutes of honest listening...
  7. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    Thanks! I didn't know I should have just continued my old thread, since the PMR really has nothing to do with the knee replacement, but you're right, it is easier this way. I appreciate the merge. Maybe I should have a different title now though, since I'm not really new anymore. lol Can you...
  8. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    I'm on prednisone now and feeling better already. It's sad to be diagnosed with an auto-immune disease but at least now I know what's wrong. I knew something was wrong. I had a very bad doctor who kept telling me to lose weight and lower my expectations of quality of life now that I was older...
  9. Zanza

    TKR 4 Month Post Op Pain Knee Normal?

    I'm closing in on six months and I still have pain on the stairs. I have found stretching to help. A big one that I do is to lay on my side and pull up my foot as far as I can to stretch the quad muscle. I do that on both sides. The operative knee doesn't bend as much as the "good" knee but I...
  10. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    I just got diagnosed. No wonder I've been so stiff and sore for years. I got my new knee in July and I was starting to worry that it was failing. Now that I'm being treated for the PMR I feel a lot better but I still have questions.
  11. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    I'm closing in on six months and it's really a mixed bag. My new knee has made a difference. I don't have that grinding bone on bone pain anymore, and I can make it through a work day. In some ways I feel worse than ever, because I now have a bad pain in the front of both thighs when I stand up...
  12. Zanza

    TKR Pain NOT managed well

    Unfortunately pain management is not a priority with doctors in the United States. They're so afraid of patients becoming addicted to narcotics that they don't want to prescribe anything until you are out of your mind with pain. That said, there is hope. Prescription guidelines have been...
  13. Zanza

    TKR Valgus deformity

    I'm closing in on six months and I can kneel quite well on the carpet. Then I tried it on the hard floor and that was so painful I think I'll wait another six months before I try that again. I have read in many different sources that kneeling is not going to damage the new knee, and my surgeon...
  14. Zanza

    TKR Following My Instincts

    @Samsrf That is great news! It's always good to hear some encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing.
  15. Zanza

    TKR Has anyone experienced

    I had very bad cramping of the muscles of my thigh which might be similar to what you are experiencing when pain wakes you up. I asked my doctor for a muscle relaxer, and that solved that problem.
  16. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    Nineteen weeks today. My knee is still stiff and kind of achy, and a new thing is that it hurts to stand up from a chair. It doesn't hurt the knee, it hurts the front of my thigh. Actually it hurts the front of my thigh on both legs. And the stiffness makes my back and hip hurt. Does this ever...
  17. Zanza

    TKR Help not getting any sleep

    If you need "strong meds" then your physical therapist is doing it wrong. Your physical therapy should NEVER be painful. At the first visit you say to your PT therapist: I expect discomfort. I DO NOT expect actual significant pain. The definition of what is painful is owned by me, not you...
  18. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    @Jockette I know, I'm worried about that myself. I wanted to have a good outcome and now I'm afraid that all this strain is going to prevent me healing the way I'm supposed to. All I can do is keep with it and hope for the best. Thanks for the good wishes.
  19. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    @sistersinhim Thanks, I sure plan to rest up a lot!
  20. Zanza

    TKR Zanza's TKR

    I'm almost to 19 weeks and I'm feeling discouraged. I have to work, and I walk way more than I'm comfortable with. I simply couldn't afford to stay at home any more, but an elementary school is no place for a healing total knee replacement. I know I'm overdoing, I come home so stiff and achy in...

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