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  1. MichiganGal

    TKR What did I get myself into?

    Hi Will - I had my total knee replacement on June 5, 2023. Coming up on the 1 year mark. I am functional but not where I want to be. When I overdo I too have a weird feeling under my kneecap - my surgeon told me that is inflammation that I am feeling. I too can not kneel and when I try it...
  2. MichiganGal

    TKR What did I get myself into?

    Hello Will - glad to hear about the pickleball but sorry about the other knee. Hope the injections help the knee. It is very interesting to hear others talk about the struggle even coming up to the one year mark or past the one year mark. I am still having issues on and off. Some pain in my...
  3. MichiganGal

    MUA Excessive Knee Stiffness post TKR

    Take time off to heal. I had challenges with PT and when I took a step back and did more icing and a bit more gentle on the rehab. It really helped
  4. MichiganGal

    TKR Swelling Frustrations

    Sorry about posting in the wrong area. I have a follow up with my OS in June. Hopefully this is just due to doing more exercises and challenging my knee. He warned me that sometimes it just might swell up and then it will go down again. But that is not reassuring to me.
  5. MichiganGal

    TKR Jake’s Got a New Knee

    This is an emotional journey. I am 9 months out and there have been some depressing days and days I would just ask why did I do this to myself. But, I am doing better but there are days that I still struggle.
  6. MichiganGal

    TKR Swelling Frustrations

    Hello Everyone - I have not been on the site for awhile - job/life has been a bit crazy. I am nine months out(surgery was in June 2023) from surgery and still recovering. Anyone else still having challenges with their new knee? I thought for sure by now I would not have to keep icing my knee...
  7. MichiganGal

    TKR Jake’s Got a New Knee

    Good Luck with your recovery. In one of your posts I saw that you had pain in your thigh above your knee. Hopefully someone told you that is normal. I talked to some nurses about the pain and it is the location of where the tourniquet is place during surgery. It was a bit painful for me and...
  8. MichiganGal

    TKR Yoga post TKR?

    I began easing back into yoga in December 2023. But I do not do the traditional yoga. I do a program called DDP Yoga. It has all different levels of yoga and stretching. They even have modifications to start in your bed. Now I will warn you it was created by an ex-wrestler but he works with...
  9. MichiganGal

    Introducing BoneSmart Nutrition

    Where do I find the recording of the nutrition seminar?
  10. MichiganGal

    TKR Swelling Frustrations

    The shoes run true to fit - I always wear a medium weight sock with the shoes. They are my favorite and give great support
  11. MichiganGal

    TKR My new knee

    HI Everyone - I am reading the posts and so relate to the struggles you are going through. My first months of recovery have been challenging and frustrating. I stopped doing formal PT at the 8 week mark and in a few days it will be 5 months post surgery. During the early days of PT I would...
  12. MichiganGal

    TKR 2nd TKR 10/18/23- recovery time

    Resting is hard but you have great company and I am sure the kitty loves the cuddles. If you don't like to watch TV my mom loves her "coloring books". The designs are so amazing and they take a lot of concentration and time to finish. During my time off I was so tired and busy with PT...
  13. MichiganGal

    TKR Confused and Conflicted

    Hang in there and listen to your body. This group is amazing with support. I am 4 months out and doing so much better after I stopped doing the "formal exercises" and just listened to my body and doing what I can. I am now walking about 30 minutes on a treadmill, yard work, taking my dog for...
  14. MichiganGal

    TKR Swelling Frustrations

    Hello Everyone - I did find some new comfy shoes from Dansko. They have a new slip on with a strap around the back of the ankle - so comfy. Then of course I bought a new pair of tennis shoes from them. Great support and they really last. My 4-month appointment went great - doctor said...
  15. MichiganGal

    TKR 9 weeks, stiff leg

    Rest, ice and let your body heal. I am going on 4 months out from surgery and just went through a patch of fatigue. Which I was reassured by my doctor is healing. Everyone heals different and with having 2 surgeries so close you body is trying to recoup from everything. You will get there -...
  16. MichiganGal

    TKR Katt’s Recovery Journey

    Glad you talked to your PT - wish I would have done that too. I am grateful for all of their help and encouragement but should have been firmer about easing back on the exercises.
  17. MichiganGal

    TKR Swelling Frustrations

    Thank you everyone. That is what I was thinking. One good thing I have noticed is that my bunion on the opposite foot does not hurt as much and I developed a ganglion cyst on the top of my right foot before the right knee replacement and that isn't causing me as many issues. So those are...
  18. MichiganGal

    TKR Swelling Frustrations

    Good Morning - Swelling is better than before and I have learned to manage it and listen to my knee. My new question is about shoes. I have noticed that I am trying to wear shoes that I wore before the surgery and it feels so different. My favorite shoe before surgery was Dansko clogs. I...
  19. MichiganGal

    TKR Frustratingly slow recovery, but getting there...

    Sounds like great improvements. I too had pain in my thigh with spasms. My doctor and PT both said it could be bruising down deep due to the tourniquet. It took a while, but it finally went away. My PT suggested gentle massage on the thigh area that was painful and it helped. Good luck and...
  20. MichiganGal

    TKR Mystikfairy's RTKR August 21

    My recliner was my best friend and some nights still is. I helped relieve the pressure off of my back and then I could elevate and ice my knee. I would eventually fall asleep but a slipping ice pack between the legs would wake me up :heehee:

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