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    Infection in incision

    Me again, Wanted to see what everyone thinks about this. I just changed the packing on the infected area. When I pulled the old packing out I had a stream of blood run down my leg, that was it and it never happened before. What do you think? Good or bad? :hissyfit:
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    Infection in incision

    I thank you all sooo much! I'm sort of in the dumps about this thing but you folks are really helping already. Let me make it clear that this was not surgicaly cleaned out. I have only been packing it and taking antibiotics. It makes me wonder that maybe it should have been irrigated!?
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    Infection in incision

    :cry4::hate-shocked:Hi everyone, I am so glad to find this forum. Had hip replacement on 7-18-11. On August 21 I noticed oozing coming from incision. Went to Doc right away. He checked my blood levels and they were slightly elevated. He said this would probably require opening incision back up...
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    Infection This is horrible

    :yes 4:My heart goes out to you. Just when a person thinks she has it bad , you hear a story like this. Hang in there you sound like one tough cookie!!!

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