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  1. Roofmaster

    Hip Infection Infection, dislocation, revisions, & life beyond

    Hey @Vetgirl that's great news.Glad to see you've finally made it.Awesome.
  2. Roofmaster

    THR Roofmaster's new hips, part one

    Ha ha @Jaycey yeah "skated" through.Funny that's one risk I'll avoid, skating, that ice is hard when you land on your hip.Kinda sucks a little, we're a skating family.Its all good though, plenty of other winter stuff to do. Hi @MajorHeidi diggin that new hip you got there aren't ya?Kiinda gives...
  3. Roofmaster

    THR Roofmaster's new hips, part one

    Well its been a little over a year now, August 2013 right hip replacement, Sept. 2013 left hip replacement.Went back to work roofing 5 weeks after left hip surgery.Was a little nervous at first but was also careful and listened to my body.Now a year later and things seem to be going fine.Still...
  4. Roofmaster

    Post-op narcotic withdrawal

    Ya I had similar experience and some.Hot then cold, unable to eat, depressing thoughts.I was taking 3, 30 mg. Morphines a day for like 5 years.I found eating lots of candy, mostly sour patch kids helped me.And knowing my life had now changed and with the old life was pain and pills.But I had no...
  5. Roofmaster

    Hip Infection Infection, dislocation, revisions, & life beyond

    Hi @Vetgirl .Your a brave one, I'm impressed and happy to read about your success. Enjoy life, it is rather awesome and certainly beats the option.I don't post much anymore, most of the names have changed but the stories remain consistent. Yours is especially inspiring, I've been watching...
  6. Roofmaster

    THR Back in pain after 7 months

    Hey Moose, I remember you talking about that knee pain way back in the day in your old posts before you disappeared, without saying goodbye.We all come back.Good to see ya bro.Peace.
  7. Roofmaster

    Hip Infection Infection, dislocation, revisions, & life beyond

    Wow @Vetgirl great news from you.I'm really happy for you.Tough chick.Peace.
  8. Roofmaster

    THR Sharri Reaches the other side!!!

    Hi @Sharri .Sounds like your doing ok.My 1st thr went perfect, a month later my 2nd thr not so much.I had way more pain, way more swelling,way more bleeding, and my incision leaked for a couple of weeks.I was more concerned the second time around so I understand your second guessing your...
  9. Roofmaster

    THR MajorHeidi is now a Hippie!

    Its log its log its big its heavy its wood, its log its log its better than bad its good.Wow @MajorHeidi home day after surgery, impressive.Take your time recovering, its not a race.Listen very carefully to your body,sleep as often as you can, the body repairs itself when sleeping, eat lots of...
  10. Roofmaster

    Recovery Timeline

    I'm sorry, you must have misinterpreted my post. You ain't gettin no down time. You'll probably be jumping off rope swings into the lake half drunk with your friends within 6 weeks. Oops sorry again, flashing back to my recovery... half drunk sledding with my friends at 6 weeks, but you get the...
  11. Roofmaster

    June 11 is my day

    "Endless hours of PT, several pairs of orthotics, acupuncture, chiropractic and special shoes, all of which helped me to squeeze out some extra years with a gimpy hip" oh and what will you do now with all that extra time you'll no longer need to squeaze out some extra time? Hmmm any ideas?
  12. Roofmaster

    April 22, assuming...

    Ok am I the only one who read respiratory blah blah blah and mitrovalve problah blah blah? I thought people from Texas did their own hip replacements then went out herding cattle the next day. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sorry in advance if I'm racial profiling. Peace.
  13. Roofmaster

    Living with pain, taking meds, or THR?

    Oh my. Since the elephant in the room has been unveiled I must admit, sex is way better, not in such a hurry to get it over with any more. Ok I said it, and meant it. See what you crazy people do?
  14. Roofmaster

    Okay stressing...

    Aww isn't that cute, you thought I was kidding.Really pain pill curls and sleep.Arghh, mmmm pain pill curls and sleep.Lol.Peace.
  15. Roofmaster

    My big day is April 10! I'm scared, but excited!

    @MajorHeidi its my pleasure.I'm excited for you.Like the friend who coaches you onto the roller coaster excited.You'll see, what a ride.Peace
  16. Roofmaster

    Okay stressing...

    The best exercise I would recommend before surgery is to find the heaviest bottle of pain meds you can comfortably lift with your bicepts then pop off the cap with your finger muscles and curl prescribed dosages to mouth, again using bicepts.Practice that up till surgery and for a while after...
  17. Roofmaster

    Living with pain, taking meds, or THR?

    Wow "elephant in the room and decent sex life" in the same sentence. Now that's what I'm talkin about.If that's not a good enough reason right ther.Ya you go
  18. Roofmaster

    The limp!

    Yup same here, no limp.Prior to surgery I had a limp on both sides.Couldn't spread my feet further than 18 inches front to back, 12 inches side to side.Couldn't put on socks without a device, couldn't trim toenails, tie shoes, wash feet without a brush.Had to fall to sit on the ground and walk...
  19. Roofmaster

    Recovery Timeline

    Cherish your recovery time as it will go by quicker than you think.Oh how I miss the simple days of my recovery when so little was expected of me.What could be better than pain pills, eating, sleeping, video games and low expectations? Lol.Seriously though, your going to surprise yourself.Then...
  20. Roofmaster

    Hip Infection Infection, dislocation, revisions, & life beyond

    Hi @Vetgirl Sally.Sounds like your still putting up the big fight.I'm hoping for the best for you.You must be an incredibly strong woman.You deserve success with pain relief. I really hope you get it soon.Peace Aussie.

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