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  1. TinAB

    TKR New Moon's Recovery Thread

    NewMoon the sleep thing is a real pita isn't it? I am 10 weeks out and can finally sleep on both sides but the knee still wakes me a few times a night. However usually I just need to straighten it and change position and can go back to sleep. So much better than 4 weeks ago when I was still...
  2. TinAB

    Knee Infection* TKR Infection 2 Years Out

    @TKRsharon Hi. My right TKR was on 1st October so am 2 wks ahead of you. At nearly 4 weeks I went to PT and the week after and the week after that. I know my PT and like him but I was so sore afterwards I have stopped going. I do heel slides everyday just 5 or so at a time. Some other home...
  3. TinAB

    TKR TinAB rt knee Oct 1st

    Went for followup with surgeon and physio at our joint clinic today. All is fine. Xrays were perfect he said. See you again at one year. Physio lady measured and I have 112 flexion and -5 extension. I have to work on my quads. So all good I'm happy with that. Going to try driving tomorrow...
  4. TinAB

    TKR TinAB rt knee Oct 1st

    @_Annie _ and @Jaycey thanks so much for your replies. I am not going to overdo. Yesterday I went out for 30 mins walk some through deep snow. I use stability poles. It was fun but sore by the time I got home. Slept ok so must've helped!
  5. TinAB

    TKR Vice around knee one year post op

    Hi @cshs78 I had my right knee done on the 1st Oct. I also have pain inner side. I'm pretty sure it's bursitis and the op has made it angry. It has been terrible. My physio said it should take 4 to 5 months to improve. I had something very similar with the left knee and that is now maybe 5%...
  6. TinAB

    TKR TinAB rt knee Oct 1st

    Hello, I'm 8 weeks out and doing okay I think. Live in western Canada and now it's a bit more difficult to get out for walks (about 20-30 mins ) since we have snow. Today will be ok I think. My knee is still a bit swollen and have tightness around the top which improves with exercise. Still...
  7. TinAB

    TKR Trouble sleeping after LTKR

    I'm new here and nearly 8 weeks out. Just wondering what you are taking for pain or any other medication to help you sleep? What you are experiencing sounds exhausting for sure.
  8. TinAB

    TKR So tired of the pain

    I'm sorry you are in such pain. I have just joined again after 2nd TKR and am nearly 8 weeks out. With my first I had to try 3 different painkillers before getting relief so please ask your doctor for help. Now am down to 5mg Ocycodone and 500mg tylenol if I can't fall asleep and just at night...
  9. TinAB

    Welcome to the October Feisties' 2020 Knee Recovery Club

    Hi again. I had left TKR done 5th Sep 2018 and joined then. Now I had right TKR done on 1st Oct. Please make me an October Feisty. Don't feel all that feisty to be honest!
  10. TinAB

    TKR Sudden deterioration in ok knee

    Thanks Celle. I'm going to see my doctor this week in case something else is going on.
  11. TinAB

    TKR Sudden deterioration in ok knee

    Tmgrl3 Thank you. Goodness you have reallly been through it. We had to postpone this trip a year already and I really really want to go. If it's agony then obviously not but I'm hoping this is a flare brought on by the shot and will improve. Just have to go day by day for now. Thanks for your...
  12. TinAB

    TKR Sudden deterioration in ok knee

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread although I have been on the site since before my first TKR September 2018. It progressed pretty well and I got all the info I needed here without posting. This is a wonderful place! So after my left knee was done, my right knee improved a lot. I had a...
  13. TinAB

    2018 September Sapphires- Are you having knee surgery in September?

    Hello. My LTKR has been rescheduled 4 times. First I supposed to be May (then had a reaction to IV antibiotic) postponed to June, then July and now 5th September. I am having allergy tests done as per my surgeon. It is taking forever! I get my penicillin test on 9th July and already know I...
  14. TinAB

    2018 June Sunbeams - Are you having knee surgery in June?

    It's me again. my TLKR has been postponed again. I now have to go an allergist because my surgeon will not give me clindamycin which was the recommendation after my reaction to vancomycin. I am now penciled in for July 25th so can you please move me over there, thanks.
  15. TinAB

    2018 May Marvels - Are you having knee surgery in May?

    Well now my surgery has been moved to June 13th. no one told me he does them biweekly. had a meltdown this morning because my goals are gone. Summer plans scrapped. Oh well. Surgery will now be 6 weeks later than my original date. I'm trying to regain my zen.
  16. TinAB

    2018 May Marvels - Are you having knee surgery in May?

    @janbgobh Yes, I already was postponed 2 weeks due an emergency having to be fitted in. 3 days prior sucks :bignono: Well, I now have an appt with other doctor for 23rd and am crossing my fingers for 30th. My surgeon only does these on Wednesdays. Hope it all works out. Someone else will...
  17. TinAB

    2018 May Marvels - Are you having knee surgery in May?

    Hi! Was supposed to have my LTKR yesterday, but had an allergic reaction to Vancomycin which was in my IV. Went down to waiting area outside theatre and after half an hour was told I was postponed until I could be evaluated by a tropical disease doctor to see what antibiotic I should have. My...
  18. TinAB

    2018 May Marvels - Are you having knee surgery in May?

    Hello, I am new and due for a LTKR on the 16th. Was supposed to be the 2nd but it is delayed. I am worried a bit because I really would like the epidural and sedative but since I have to have a blood thinner the day before I was told it's 50/50 whether the anesthesiologist will give that to me...

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