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  1. Hip4life

    THR Surgery tomorrow/Encouragement???

    Yes, it’s scary now but so worth it. A note hanging in my doctor’s office says, “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” That same doctor told me I looked 10 years younger the next time we met after my surgery. The surgery is truly life changing. Blessings for a smooth surgery and a good...
  2. Hip4life

    THR THR 4-months post-op/Slow Healer

    @Joyce120 Many of us, naively or perhaps, hopefully bought into the idea that we'd be right as rain in the 6-8 weeks our OS said was the recovery time. We had no idea that that was the minimum time nor what a wide spectrum it actually entailed. Thank goodness I found BoneSmart in that first...
  3. Hip4life

    THR Feeling discouraged

    Hello @Victorialast and welcome to BoneSmart. Don't let over-aggressive PT people ruin your day or what was a satisfactory recovery. 4 weeks out is still early in this recovery especially with your history. Hips don't need anything more than walking (and NOT to excess) to recover. Aggressive PT...
  4. Hip4life

    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    Just a quick update: I am six weeks post op of tendon repair. The surgeon was happy with how well the incision was healing and how I was doing. He discontinued the brace and my restrictions and I'm to increase weight bearing as tolerated over the next two weeks. He cautioned not to go too fast...
  5. Hip4life

    THR Almost five years ongoing problems

    Hello @Vanna and Welcome to BoneSmart. Wow. That's a lot to unpack and even more to have experienced. I am so sorry for your ongoing issues. I had my THR in 2019 and am trying to imagine what life would be like to be still experiencing pain and mobility problems First, let's start with some...
  6. Hip4life

    THR Gluteus maximus Tendon repairs surgery

    @Mokopetka Yes, your own thread would be helpful! I’m sorry you’re facing this. I agree that the MRI is limited in its diagnosis of soft tissues around the THR hip due to interference. Have you had a hip replacement? Usually, it’s difficult to see soft tissues on an X-ray as well. I don’t know...
  7. Hip4life

    Pre Op yesterday

    @Robert M I see my efficient colleagues have already created the signature. All the better. Let us know if we can help with anything else. Blessings!
  8. Hip4life

    Pre Op yesterday

    @Robert M :welome: to BoneSmart. We’re glad you found us! I can relate to the feeling old re: how young your PA looked. I felt the same way about my last OS. My understanding about the delirium is that it’s cause has numerous factors particularly related to the sedation. You can be assured this...
  9. Hip4life

    THR Question

    @dr-b I can’t speak to if using the Hana table is best or not. I would just ask the one surgeon why he doesn’t use one. There may have been research done since you had your surgery that might have changed current techniques. If I was satisfied with the answer, I would then make my decision on...
  10. Hip4life

    THR Question

    @dr-b You are spot on. It’s more important to choose an experienced surgeon no matter what approach and/or equipment they use. With the rapid advancement in medical technology and techniques, the landscape is very fluid and ever-changing. Experience is the one thing that is the constant. We...
  11. Hip4life

    THR jcee444’s recovery

    @jcee444 Yep! I lived this also. Even though the surgery is behind you, this pain is very real. Expect it might be rough these first few days if not a week. Those tissues are angry and swell. I believe that was my main issue. Once that started to subside and we started getting away from the...
  12. Hip4life

    THR Clairebella’s recovery journey

    @Clairebella Thanks for the update. 2 surgeries in one year, dealing with pain all that time, and now working in a physically and mentally draining job: am I surprised you're still dealing with aches, pains, and fatigue? Certainly not! Can I relate? Most certainly! I worked in long term acute...
  13. Hip4life

    THR Post op brace

    @Hammahnator It's too bad that you're having to deal with a bit more challenging recovery but I'm sure you will agree that it's worth it to reduce the chance of a dislocation. Any story ever shared on that experience has never been a good one. Having a right hip done complicates the return to...
  14. Hip4life

    THR Spinal anaesthesia

    @jcee444 I understand. These wonderful healthcare people do this day in and day out and there is very little that they aren't experienced with. Please, please, please do not waste any more energy on the negative stuff. Make a pact with yourself that it is off limits. The negative always screams...
  15. Hip4life

    Seeking Psoas Release Information

    @Artvandelay Most likely, that irritated iliopsoas will be able to calm down once all the osteoarthritis Issues of your hip are fixed. It may take it a bit longer to settle than most. I know it can be frustrating but you'll have to be patient with it and not stress it too much, too early. The...
  16. Hip4life

    THR Spinal anaesthesia

    @jcee444 It is very normal to feel anxious. I really didn't completely shake that until I got to the pre-op area. There was such a flurry of activity, I really didn't have any time to think about if I was anxious or not. There was a point when a calm came over me as I realized the only thing I...
  17. Hip4life

    THR Disability Parking Placard

    nice for the pre/post op visits when it can be a struggle to get where you need to. Even early on if you need to get out and about for your sanity. Lol. There's a reason why they're temporary and you shouldn't need it beyond that. Hips take up to a year or more to heal COMPLETELY. You'll be back...
  18. Hip4life

    THR Iliopsoas Tendinitis 5 months post-op

    @RPDX24 I'm sorry you are dealing with this. It's hard to keep ourselves from going to worst case scenarios. I guess I've tried to train myself away from this as I always made myself exhausted from worry and it wasn't anything I could control anyway. Easier said than done. Perhaps what your...
  19. Hip4life

    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    It's hard to believe that surgery was three weeks ago. Seems like yesterday and a long time ago at the same time. All went well at the post op check a week ago. The surgeon is pleased with the healing so far. So more of the same (walker and partial weight bearing) until I see him again on Mar...
  20. Hip4life

    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    Thanks @Layla and all, for the great well wishes. Everything is coming along as well as can be expected. It is crazy that today is my 5th hip-versary. Unbelievable! Although, not as involved as the THR, this surgery/recovery has many similarities with it. I was much more confident/less anxious...

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