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  1. Snoopy55

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Broken Neck of Femur

    Hello! Welcome to the forum! I broke my neck of femur in February of 2022 so more than a year ago. Actually 18 months ago and it was a very difficult time for me. I had lots of pain and muscle weakness. It took a very long time so patience is key. The bone healed pretty quickly as I was 54 at...
  2. Snoopy55

    THR right hip replacement problems

    This is beyond unacceptable! Sitting in your own urine and no pain meds??? I would definitely report him and the hospital or surgery center to the better business bureau!
  3. Snoopy55

    Femur fracture

    Hi and welcome to Bone smart! I fell and broke my femur a year ago this coming February. I still have the pins in and am not planning on taking them out. It’s been a long recovery and am just starting to feel like myself again. I started swimming and doing Pilates privately just a few weeks ago...
  4. Snoopy55

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    Hi @Klassy @myglasshalffull and @Mojo333! So good to hear from you all! I just got back a week ago from France. Was gone 9 weeks! Can’t believe it really! Hippie did fine all in all. Would get a bit sore here and there but nothing too bad. My friend I was staying with is a certified Pilates...
  5. Snoopy55

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    Hello from Portugal! I am at the airport and back on the forum and happy to see your 10th month anniversary! And your puppy!! I’m doing well and been traveling since early October! Hugs to all.
  6. Snoopy55

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip repair

    Hi @MJK and @Hobbling Along! Funnily enough I also just got diagnosed with Osteoporosis:( I’m 55 and fell skiing but I’ve been skiing a long time and this fall wasn’t that bad so clearly the bone is frayed! Anyway I am at 7 months post hip pinning and I am currently on a trip to France from...
  7. Snoopy55

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    Omg she’s so cute! I love her face. I wonder how big she will get? We saw a yellow lab the other day and he kept pawing me to pet him and when I got up I was covered in yellow dog hair. I wear black all the time lol and I had forgotten how much they shed. I bet Tula doesn’t shed? I’m so happy...
  8. Snoopy55

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip Pinning after ski accident

    Thank you so much @Elf1. Will check in within a few days of landing and let you all know how hippie girl did.
  9. Snoopy55

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip Pinning after ski accident

    Hello friends! Just a quick update: I had another follow up with Dr. Handsome-This time I was running late and he was too but whatever...after the usual x-ray he came in and said "I'm not going to lie-Xray looks great and you are in fact all HEALED." I said great but I am still having trouble...
  10. Snoopy55

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    Hiiiii @Klassy and Tula!! You are both absolutely adorable! So nice to see a picture of you dear Klassy and so happy for you to have found your dogga. I can believe about potty training LOL and so sweet of you to spend the night next to her by the crate. My dog HATED the crate and absolutely...
  11. Snoopy55

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip repair

    Hi @MJK! How are you doing? So glad you are not feeling too much pain. It seems you are resting and doing what your OS told you. I am sure the crutches are a bit of a pain but hopefully you will be able to put some weight on that leg. I have never stepped on my foot but even some minor missteps...
  12. Snoopy55

    THR Terrible muscle pains

    @YogaLesley I came back from the wedding in Canada and it took us 11 hours to drive back OMG. I was driving for about 3 hours of it though and laying in the back seat most of the time so I can imagine how uncomfortable you must have been after all that driving. I think you should absolutely do...
  13. Snoopy55

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip repair

    I’m sure you’re glad to be home! Do you have help at home with meals and everything? Do you have stairs? I’m still struggling with going up stairs. Down is ok. Glad your pain is being controlled. The non weight bearing is a bit of a pain but I guess forces you to stay put and heal. I had no...
  14. Snoopy55

    THR Still in pain

    So sorry you are still struggling @Alice D. I hope you have friends and family supporting you through this ordeal. Its not easy dealing with pain but it is especially difficult when you are alone. Thankfully this forum is full of supportive people who have dealt with exactly what you are...
  15. Snoopy55

    THR Day 12 post-op

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I had a skiing accident last February and had to have surgery for a broken femur and had 3 pins put in my hip to keep it from dislocating. The way my surgeon made it seem I was going to be totally back to normal within a few weeks. I felt I had been totally misled...
  16. Snoopy55

    THR Terrible muscle pains

    All I saw was I was out dancing:loll:I hope it was fun and got your mind off the pain a bit. I'm going to a wedding this weekend in Toronto (never been to Canada). I don't know why I thought driving might be fun. Not looking forward to 9 hours in the car:hissy:. I am thinking that the walking...
  17. Snoopy55

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    Omg two more days!! I’m so excited for you! Don’t forget to post pictures!
  18. Snoopy55

    THR Terrible muscle pains

    I can’t say I have experienced that. I’m glad you’re feeling better and being more active and generally feeling better. I know I also struggle a bit after doing exercises but I was told by my doctor that the bones like the muscles around them to be strong and supportive. So I’ve been doing some...
  19. Snoopy55

    THR I've made it to the other side!

    So glad to hear! I’m at the 7 month mark and still struggle from time to time. I think this takes a full year to heal completely so give yourself lots of time and be patient. You will have good days and great days and then some not so good days but you will get there!
  20. Snoopy55

    THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong

    Hi friends! So glad to see everyone is doing well. @Boofit making plane reservations! Yay! And @myglasshalffull as well! Nothing like seeing family and getting back to the scene of the crime lol. Please do be careful. I am crossing the pond in early October as well to France to spend some time...

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