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  1. prairienut

    [REVISION THR] A new year and new hope: revision for loosened THR

    I am starting my revision thread tonight because tomorrow, Jan. 2, I travel to NYC to stay overnight in a pretty cheap, well located, hopefully clean hotel with my son who is my "support person." I will get a call in the afternoon to tell me when I should arrive at HSS (Hospital for Special...
  2. prairienut

    9yr old hip has loosened - revision required

    I am returning to Bonesmart after 9 years and looking forward to the informative and supportive community here. I am 68 and had a right THR back in April 2009. The new hip served me well until this summer when I had a few instances of instability in the joint. Then I started getting mild pain...
  3. prairienut

    NYT article re. Hip Resurfacing vs. THR

    Hi Bonesmart, FYI. Just read an article today about a California group reversing its position on hip resurfacing. Looks as if we could use some more data gathering in the U.S. on the outcomes of HRs and THRs. I wish the U.S. had a hip registry. Still lots of questions remaining. The full article...
  4. prairienut

    Continued improvement 30 months after THR

    Hi bonesmarties, I have not posted for many months, but I just reached my 2-1/2 year milestone and thought I would check in. I had a cementless RTHR, posterior approach, ceramic-on-metal at 58 years old. I had some problems with bursitis pain at about the 1 year mark, and returned to PT for...
  5. prairienut

    Ceramic-on-Metal THR -- experiences?

    Hi everyone, I am now 2 years out from RTHR where a DePuy ceramic-on-metal prosthesis was used. I was wondering how many others have had this type of hardware installed and what your experience has been? Luckily it is not the model that was recalled! Has anyone had their blood checked...
  6. prairienut

    2 years post op and doing fine

    Hello Bonesmart! I haven't been on here in maybe a year. I have recommended you to several friends. I always tell them how responsive this forum was when I needed fast advice. You sure helped me through my recovery questions and doubts. Now I am two years out and living my life! I can walk...
  7. prairienut

    Hiking Zion 4 months post-op!

    Hi Bonesmart friends, It has been many months since I last posted but I have browsed here now and then to keep tabs on you guys. I was pleased to see Mudpro's recent update. I, too, am getting on with my life which is what we are all supposed to do, right? Remember I was the one who was...
  8. prairienut

    resurfacing and natural gait

    Hello, I am investigating resurfacing in case I need to have my 2nd hip fixed in the future. I have seen among the list of advantages of resurfacing is that it preserves a normal gait. Does anyone out there know why this would be an advantage of resurfacing over other procedures? I asked...
  9. prairienut

    12 week post-THR report!

    Hello Bonesmarties, I have reached my 12 week milestone where my surgeon said I would have achieved 90% recovery (the remaining 10% taking up to a year post surgery). Thought I would report my current situation. I am walking up to 3 miles a day with no pain, planning to increase to 5 miles 3...
  10. prairienut

    6 weeks post THR -- good news

    Hello Bonesmarties, Met with my OS today for 6-week followup on THR. No xray taken, no examination of incision. He said the 2-week x-ray was "perfect." My hip precautions are lifted, and I have no restrictions! Wow, music to my ears! To prove his point, he flexed my hip past 90 degrees...
  11. prairienut

    Great success at PT today

    I am now 3 weeks post THR and had my 6th outpatient PT session today. I just had to let you all know that I walked 5 times around the PT room with no cane and hardly any limp when I really concentrated. I am frankly amazed that I could do it. I had been using the cane 100% of the time at...
  12. prairienut

    When can I expect to climb stairs normally?

    Hi everyone. I am 2-1/2 weeks post-op. Just got back from a walk around my yard in this beautiful spring weather. What a great feeling! We have several flights of steps in our front walk and in the side yards which I managed nicely using the PT taught method ("up with the good, down with the...
  13. prairienut

    Gail's new hip!

    Hi gang! I returned from the hospital on Sunday but this is the first time I have felt like getting online. Surgery went well with no complications. Had some issues with muscle twitches in my legs which REALLY HURT on my operated side. My PT called them "fasciculations" which are the body's...
  14. prairienut

    Pre-surgery glitches

    I am finally emotionally ready for my RTHR on Thursday (thanks in part to this forum) but have a few small problems that I hope do not derail things. Firstly, I got a splinter in my heel from our wood floor. I pulled it out but I think a tiny piece may still in there. I'm inclined to just...
  15. prairienut

    Am I ready for a THR at 58?

    Hello. I have been browsing this forum, and it has been very helpful so far. I was just told by my OS, Russell Tigges at Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, NY, that I need a THR within a year. He does 500 THRs a year and I have heard many good things about him. However, I am somewhat...

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