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  1. RMasano

    [TKR] On the other side

    No pain at all. Just clicking. I have to emphasize, much better than before surgery, but it seems just part of healing.
  2. RMasano

    [TKR] On the other side

    I have probably been overdoing it, but I suddenly feel the like tinman. Hearing the clicking in my knee.
  3. RMasano

    [TKR] On the other side

    I will absolutely improve. My pain is due to stiffness and swelling. It is a very slow process, but I can honestly say my pain now is healing pain, before surgery was my knee was done!!
  4. RMasano

    RTKR 4/4/17 pre-op prep

    I agree with everyone. I even sent my family away when I was in the hospital. I just wanted to have solitude. I know they meant well, but I just wanted to be by myself.
  5. RMasano

    [TKR] New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    @jaschembra You are a knee rockstar!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  6. RMasano

    [TKR] On the other side

    Miss you guys!!! I am doing good, but lately, it is at a snails pace. Went to the city this weekend to spend time with my daughter and boy am I paying for it. I used my cane, because it was raining. Was fun. Still swollen and stiff, but still a lot better than before surgery. I am...
  7. RMasano

    TKR to correct knock knees

    I did and had a great result. TKR has a very long recovery, but my leg is straight and very happy with outcome!!!
  8. RMasano

    [TKR] Right TKR is done

    @Celle Agreed. What is done is done.
  9. RMasano

    [TKR] Right TKR is done

    Unbelievable!!! Sorry about your whole situation. Just wondering-Do you think the surgery was even necessary? You seemed to be pretty good and the opening was very small?
  10. RMasano

    NW Indiana - Need Surgeon recommendations

    FYI. Midwest Orthopedics at Rush also have a clinic in Munster, Indiana. Don't know which OS practice out of there, but it might be worth looking into.
  11. RMasano

    NW Indiana - Need Surgeon recommendations

    My knee had severe valgus. My leg is completely straight. It really amazes me. I used Dr. Tad Gerlinger at Rush in Chicago. There are also a couple of other very good surgeons there. Dr. Berger is at Rush and he is excellent. I have nothing but high marks for the OS that did my surgery...
  12. RMasano

    Not sure if I should advocate for TKR on old crunchy knee

    I am 48 and had TKR two months ago. The knee the OS put in lasts 30 years. It sounds like it is time.
  13. RMasano

    [TKR] Right TKR is done

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I know you are in Wisconsin. My neighbor. I there anyway your insurance will cover your costs to go to Rush in Chicago. I know it is well worth it.
  14. RMasano

    [TKR] Right TKR is done

    I am so sorry that you are having these issues. I agree with seeing an infectious disease doctor. Also, I am no expert, but it doesn't seem right that you are having to "milk" anything. I would think that it would dry up on its own and that "milking" it would only make things worse. I wish...
  15. RMasano

    [TKR] On the other side

    Time, patience, trial and error. I love my body pillow. It has helped me a lot. Every night gets better. At the beginning sleep when you can. I still have to mess positions at night, but it gets easier.
  16. RMasano

    RTKR on3/20. This is really Happening!

    It is normal to feel nervous!!!! You seem to have everything covered. Maybe some wide legged pajama pants or sweats that are capri length. I lived in them for a month!!! If you don't get around to freezing meals there is always grubhub!!! Food delivery with a click of computer stroke!!!
  17. RMasano

    Zakie is getting her life back - Surgery 20/3/17

    I developed a cold the Saturday before my Monday surgery. I was a little stuffy but they went ahead with the surgery anyways. I was a little concerned because I had nasal congestion, but everything worked out and went well.
  18. RMasano

    Time to Take the Leap

    I too hail from Italian-American family. It can be quite the production of food and loudness!!! I was really bad before my surgery. I could barely walk anymore. Yes, knee replacement is a very difficult surgery, but it was worth it. There are times when you wonder if you should have done...

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