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  1. Carolina girl

    [TKR] One year anniversary and still struggling somewhat

    I had a LTKR July 3, 2013 and felt my recovery went quite well. I had six weeks of PT twice a week and had an excellent physical therapist. I saw the surgeon in late December and told him I had tightness and pain from back of the knee along the side when I walked. He said, "Something must be...
  2. Carolina girl

    The tables are turned!

    My husband who has taken wonderful care of me this summer during my recovery, fell off a Ladder yesterday and injured his leg. After PT this morning, we spent two hours at an urgent care center. Long story short, he has a fracture in one of the bones in his calf. I figured he'd get a cast but...
  3. Carolina girl

    [TKR] Two weeks out today!

    Well, I am two weeks out from my total knee replacement and I am doing great. Home PT just walked with me to driveway end and back and says he likes how I am bending the knee. He thinks I am about one week from walking without cane or walker. He released me today from home PT. I will begin...
  4. Carolina girl

    [TKR] Had first home pt session

    I just had my first home PT. it was about an hour. I think went it very well and she seemed pleased. I am still having pain at top of incision. the OS agreed to increase the Percocet. no one has mentioned elevating yet but I am icing. it has been 48 hours and, all in all, I think I am doing ok.
  5. Carolina girl

    [TKR] Out of surgery! Recovery begins

    I am on the other side and doing well. Got to room at 4pm today.
  6. Carolina girl

    [TKR] Carolina Girl is Speeding to the Finish Line

    I am posting this tonight so that my husband or I can post tomorrow on the recovery side after my surgery at 1:00. I am ready to do this!
  7. Carolina girl

    Carolina Girl is Beginning the Journey Tomorrow!

    I finally got the call this morning. My TKR is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:45 . I was hoping it would be sooner but since we live one and half hours from the hospital, I guess this is better. I am very nervous but have to say I am loaded with information and more knowledge about knee rehab...
  8. Carolina girl

    Advice please for where to place grab bar

    My husband bought a grab bar to place beside our toilet in anticipation of my upcoming LTKR. We are trying to decide where to place it. I am right-handed and that is my stronger side but my surgery will be on my left knee. Also, my toilet is a high-rise, but will I need to put something...
  9. Carolina girl

    So, why am I getting a knee replacement?

    I am wondering if anyone else has had this quandary? I was a Walmart yesterday shopping and suddenly had the worst pain in my bad knee. I finished shopping with a limp through the store. That let up and then today was shopping again and I was walking so well with pain-free long strides. I...
  10. Carolina girl

    Wondering about after surgery pain management with Cpap Use

    I am really enjoying reading on this board. It is wonderful to read real-life experiences. I feel like most of my questions have been answered. I have to say that I still have lots of fears and really need to get to the "other side" fast! My greatest concern right now is taking the post-op...
  11. Carolina girl

    On my way to countdown July 3rd!

    I had my MRI and x-rays this morning so my knee can be created for my surgery July 3. I am greatly enjoying the information and encouragement I find on this forum! Everyone is so willing to help!
  12. Carolina girl

    Thirty-year knee

    Hi, I am new to the forum but have been reading comments a lot and have found lots of good information. I am scheduled to have TKR on July 3. My doctor recommended the "Thirty-year" knee, also called Verilast. Has anyone had experience with this technology? It is called "minimally-invasive"...

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