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  1. ssbluewolf

    THR ssbluewolf Recovery Journey

    Hello all This 1st update Is going to be short and sweet. Due to all the Medication! ( I am a loopy hippy lol ) Thank you all for your encouragement. You all have been great!
  2. ssbluewolf

    Pre- admission

    Hello all, I had my pre-admission testing this morning. Needless to say it has been an exhausting and painful day. I first met with my surgeon at his office for updated xrays. I asked him if he planned on using ‘heavy metals’ in the procedure, instead of ceramic; if so I preferred Metallica...
  3. ssbluewolf

    Intro / Pre surgery list

    Hello, I will be having a right THR on July 8 2019 and I'm a nervous wreck! I thought I would have more time, most people seem to have a 'waiting period'; I saw my surgeon just 2 weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for this pain to be gone! Also, are there any suggestions for things I...


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