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    THR Hip Replacement Complete

    I had my surgery Monday and after an overnight stay I'm home. It was so much easier getting into my automobile for the ride home compared to getting in to go to the hospital. I wasn't sure I could walk into the hospital, even using the walker. The first 2 steps to get inside my home after...
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    THR Surgery date scheduled

    I have a date! I'm a little apprehensive, actually a lot, but so looking forward to the healing process. The tug of war over PT has already started and I have been told I'm stubborn, lol. Can you believe the hospital actually wants me to go to a physical therapist, in a small building with...
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    January 10th TKR

    I appreciate the members and admin of this forum posting honest information. I'm tired of being asked "why are you still using a cane?". I'm at the point in my recovery to say, " I don't need the cane, I carry it with me 'cause it matches my out fit", lol. The PT started too soon (same day as...


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