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    THR tcdc135's Hip Recovery Thread

    Sorry Layla! I thought I posted a reply!? But I can’t find it! I did call my Dr and moved up my appt. I also requested an XRay. The xray showed my implant had dropped/shifted a tiny bit down further into my femur, but he said not uncommon and it appeared stable now. If I still had problems I was...
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    THR tcdc135's Hip Recovery Thread

    Thanks for moving me! I was back after my replacement, mainly reading, not posting much. Thank you for the guidelines!
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    THR tcdc135's Hip Recovery Thread

    Sooooo.....I am partly venting,and probably just being impatient....but anybody at almost 6 mos PO ( L ant THR) and have groin pain (sharp 7/10)? Enough that I limp quite often. I did great after surgery and went back to light work at 2 wks. (With permission from OS and PT) The only time I have...
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    THR The fun part

    @Bone-obo Will let you know! Yes, lots of good areas to ride! I am off work this afternoon and am going to install a set of helping handles, it’s a long ways down there without them! And back up! Tail winds!
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    THR The fun part

    What a wonderful read! Great to read you are doing so great @Bone-obo! I also ride a trike (ICE) and have a 3 wk old hip, very encouraging! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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    THR tcdc135's Hip Recovery Thread

    Hi Layla! Thank you I am 5 days po! Doing good. 1 night in hospital, then home. Walker for 2days and now a cane. You all were right...hips are SO much easier than knees! So far! My only issue is constipation from the opioids. Good Lord please just let me poop!! I am taking the colace and a few...
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    We can rebuild him. We have the technology

    Good luck tomorrow! Have enjoyed reading this thread and will watch for you on the other side! 42 days and counting
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    Thanks guys! Would do it tomorrow, but got a cortisone injection feb 20 and now my surgeon says i need to wait 90 days after my injection... (infection risk goes up?) i have 47 days to go!! Had i known about the 90 days i would not have gotten it! Thanks!!
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    Just curious....and yes, I realize we are all different as are all replacements. But, in general if you have had a TKR and a THR, was the THR noticeably easier? Mentally, I am trying to get prepared for my upcoming THR. So tired of the pain, crutches and limitations already, and have 47 more...
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    Thank you Josephine!! Your post was just in time! I rode the struggle bus all going to try the 1st schedule of every 4 hours. I am having a hard time getting to 6 hours. The last hour I am miserable, and the waiting for it to kick in sucks! I was going to try changing (1 of ea)...
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    2019 May Marvels - Are you having hip surgery in May?

    Hi bottomshollow and all the other May Marvels! Please add me to the list! May 21! I don’t ever want to wish time away.....but come on May! I do have a thread started in the pre-op area. Thanks!
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    Thanks Layla! I saw my surgeon much as I want to get this over with....I agree. For the best long term results I will wait the 90 days. He did say if the tramadol stops working and it becomes unbearable, call him and we will move it up. So for now I will continue the 15mg mobic in...
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    Thanks all for the support! I did fill the Rx for the tramadol. I can take 1 or 2 (50mg) every 6 hours with the extra strength tylenol. I started yesterday with 1 tramadol and 1 tylenol. I do think it helped take the edge off. I still use the crutch, but the deep "tooth ache" in my hip/femur...
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    So, the nurse called back this morning. The Dr is pretty set on the 90 days. I have an appt to “discuss” this next thurs. He offered me a Rx for tramadol. I know it is one of the least potent opioids, but I usually get so sick when taking them! I know I could use an anti nausea drug as well....I...
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    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    Well!! Back again! This time I need a new hip! :( Dr Cusick, that did my TKR has moved to Illinois (I am in Ks) So I am trying a different doc. I am waiting for a call to schedule my surgery. I had a cortisone injection Feb 20. Was great for 1 wk. Then in a matter of 48 hours it went BAD...
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    TKR Meet "Mabel"! My new R Knee

    Tomorrow is the day! I go for my 6 wk check up (actually its been almost 7). Just ready to get it over with! The PT at the surgical center was NOT happy when he learned I would be doing my PT at home, and tried every time he came in my room to convince me how much I needed it. :) After getting...
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    TKR TKR Knee Pain 8 yrs out - Question

    @amymhere Hey northern neighbor! ( I am in Ks) Wanted to wish you speedy healing.....sometimes it is just not speedy! I am 1 week behind you. Somewhere on here I read "I am just doing my time"! That has been my mantra the last week! It amazes me how we are all so different. I don't have any...
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    TKR Terry's knee story

    @TerryKnee this is just my experience, and all knees are different. I am 1 month ahead of you in this journey. But as an athlete, sometimes our brains tell us that if we want to accomplish a goal, we should work hard at it and push ourselves and we will get there sooner. NOT TRUE with a new...
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    TKR Teri59 Pearl is her name.

    @Teri59 Hope things are loosening up! Our surgery dates are within a few days of each other! I had the same thing happen on the bike yesterday! WOW--even said a few choice words :yikes: :heehee:! Extra swelling and not good sleep last night. I wont try that again for a few days! Hope you...
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    TKR Meet "Mabel"! My new R Knee

    @SusieShoes thanks for the reassurance! So sorry you had problems with the nausea!! It is a little stiffer this afternoon, I am going to take it easy for the rest of the day! Thank goodness my nausea is gone! I would rather hurt a bit than go thru that anymore. The last day I took the pain...


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