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    TKR Flashlight's Recovery

    August 15th was my one-year anniversary! I can't believe it has taken this long to feel like myself again. I went to my OS this morning for my last checkup. I had xrays done and everything looks good. I don't have to be seen for another 5-years. At that time, they take xrays to check on the...
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    Contemplating knee surgery

    I had to look that one up! If you are still being treated for it, I wouldn't take the chance. I agree with Layla I would follow my infectious disease doctor's advice. Maybe waiting for another year to make this decision. Unless your OS called your ID doctor and had a discussion about you and...
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    TKR Having Mako robot assisted TKR, anyone had it?

    Unfortunately, this was my 4th surgery in 4 1/2 years. My surgery before my knee was supposed to be under 2 hours and went to 4-hours while under a general. I was nervous about getting the spinal. When comparing the two-I didn't like waking up and not being able to feel my legs and feet but I...
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    MUA 5 weeks Post op TKR

    Remember it takes about 20-weeks for the deep inside tissues to heal. Your incision might look healed but that doesn't show what is happening inside. My OS never told me this and I found out when I started getting frustrated with my recovery. I laugh when I read recovery is 6-12-weeks! Once...
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    MUA 5 weeks Post op TKR

    My PCP checked my labs and told me what dose of ibuprofen to take, and she was very concerned with my recovery. I should have made the visit sooner and I wasn't taking the right dose. It's not like we will be on that dose for a long period of time, and it was safe. I found my OS not as helpful...
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    MUA 5 weeks Post op TKR

    Hi, tomorrow it will be 2-weeks since your MUA. As I understand it you are back at day one or the first 2-weeks. I remember the first 10 weeks as being painful due to swelling, stiffness and not being able to bend my knee without help. My therapy was online, and I was encouraged to try every day...
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    PKR MRI and Catscan

    @jpo You might be having nerve pain. I had terrible nerve pain in my thigh to my ankle. My OS would not give me gabapentin for the nerve pain but at 4-months I saw my PCP and she ordered it. I took it only at bedtime and it really helped. Later in my recovery I took a muscle relaxer for a short...
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    Knee Infection* Failed TKR revision - fusion/amputation advice

    Hi, your dad is functioning much better than I thought by your first post. Maybe there is another way to get a piece of tissue to close the wound. In any event you now have a plan for another opinion and that's the way to go and give you and your dad hope. Keeping you in my thoughts.
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    Knee Infection* Failed TKR revision - fusion/amputation advice

    I am so sorry to read this about your Dad. I had to read up on fusion of the knee and it sounds like it could be very painful with a long recovery. I think I would ask the surgeon about the difference between recovery and rehabilitation in the 2-procedures and maybe his PCP because he/she knows...
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    Revision TKR Here I go again - round three

    Hi, I changed recliners/chairs during the day, so I wasn't always in the recliner I slept in which seemed to help my right hip discomfort. Seems like you are doing well in bed which I couldn't do until 10 or so weeks. You probably need to see your pcp because you are off your B/P meds. Sometimes...
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    TKR When to stop therapy?

    @Guss I agree give it some more time. At 4-months I was doing better standing for longer periods of time, but it wasn't until the 5th month going into the 6th month that I really began to do so much better. My doctor wasn't that concerned about ROM. If you are doing something that increases...
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    TKR Hi! New Here - My RTKR Recovery Thread

    I hope this ends in a good result for you. My son in law broke his collarbone in a cycling accident. After surgery they were charging him a co-pay for each follow up appointment. Someone had put the wrong codes on the paperwork which ended up giving him a refund. Some insurances might not pay...
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    TKR Hi! New Here - My RTKR Recovery Thread

    Your last appointment should still be covered under post-op surgery follow up care, mine is. If it is not you should have been informed prior to surgery. You should have received notice from your surgeon on the sale and change. Is there any way you can contact your OS? Is he still at that...
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    Revision TKR Here I go again - Round three

    @midwest girl sounds like a good plan. I only had nausea while taking the celebrex and oxy so once that stopped and I got it out of my system I was fine. Nausea is the worst. I'm one of those people that get car/boat sick. I understand. I didn't have any issues with constipation and hope it goes...
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    Revision TKR Here I go again - Round three

    @midwest girl Yes, I took it twice a day in coffee along with the Colace and senna. When it started to work, I was able to eliminate the senna and colace. I was on dilaudid for the first 6-weeks gradually being able to taper. The oxy made me feel so off and this worked for me with tylenol. When...
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    Revision TKR Here I go again - Round three

    Hi, my breast cancer friends take magnesium citrate to help with the side effects of medication induced constipation. I take magnesium oxide which helps with my medicine side effect of leg spasms and has a milder effect on constipation. Magnesium glycinate is easier on the stomach and does not...
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    TKR Is Meloxicam needed?

    My leg below my knee to my ankle was a slightly different color than my other leg. This did resolve but it took some time. I had a numb area on the outside of my heel that I just got the feeling back. As long as you have good circulation, and it isn't really dark I think you are still recovering...
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    TKR LTKR July 5th 2023

    Hi, I had to change my pain medicine from oxy to Hydromorphone on the 2nd day. Called your OS and let them know you aren't getting good relief from the Vicodin. I was also on Tylenol ES but your pain med has tylenol in it. My thigh also was very sore so I used a heating pad on my thigh area and...
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    TKR Update

    I just thought they might have the latest techniques in knee surgery. My OS graduated from the University of Vt. medical school and has been practicing for 13 years. A friend of my daughter's mother had her knee done by him. I did the online research, background education, and found others in my...
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    TKR Update

    How far are you from Burlington, Vermont? The medical center is a teaching hospital.

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