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  1. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Thank you! I was finally discharged from the hospital after lunch yesterday and have been home since about 4PM yesterday afternoon. Overall, I’m feeling okay. I started watching “Friends” just to get myself to laugh and relax LOL. I’ll keep checking up on my hip peeps and maybe post a longer...
  2. Sammy-Am

    THR RTHR Recovery - UK - 65 year old woman

    Hi @Gloucestergal65, Congratulations on upcoming hip-anniversary! That’s so excited and once you pass the rough patches in hip surgery, the recovery flies by. I can’t believe I’ll be 6 months post-op in a few days! In my part of the US so many people have been getting sick! I’ve had myself, a...
  3. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    CONTINUED Fast forward to Thursday afternoon I was having horrible cortisone flares all day. Because of my anxiety, I called my doctor and asked him if we could get the pelvic MRI done before the new year. He agreed as long as we waited for the cortisone to settle and not affect what may or...
  4. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Wowzer friends, what a long and complicated past three days. I had surgery yesterday to have my appendix removed—trust me, I’m still in shock also, but let’s back track so that I can give you the entire story. I started not feeling well Monday afternoon after work. No fever, but I had intense...
  5. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Hi @springs12 Sorry I’m just reading your message now. For whatever reason I never got the notification, but thanks as always for replying!
  6. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Hi @springs12! Congratulations on your new replacement—so happy for you! How are you feeling? I’m doing okay, to be honest. I’m incredibly exhausted today after working a long Black Friday shift. My hip was very sore yesterday and this morning I forgot my phone, had to turn my car around...
  7. Sammy-Am

    THR I am the Storm

    Hi @danelady, Sorry to hear about all of the pain you’re experiencing. Best wishes for your appointment on Tuesday. I hope you’re able to get the answers you’re seeking. Sending you healing! :roseshwr:
  8. Sammy-Am

    THR I am the Storm

    Happy Birthday @danelady! :loveshwr: I’ve been silently following your story for a while now and am so happy to hear that you’re finally getting the care you need and more importantly, DESERVE! I have a funny feeling #69 will be a fantastic year for you! Enjoy your time home and make sure you...
  9. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Thank you. My surgeon is actually quite helpful and responsive. Cortisone just doesn’t work for some people :shrug:
  10. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Good Morning All, I haven’t posted in a little while and am feeling a little blue. My right hip has been a bit of a mess lately and I’m not sure exactly where to turn. To start, I think I got at least a couple of days relief from the cortisone injection, but it took at least a week or two to...
  11. Sammy-Am

    THR Mature Mama has her RTHR and 4th joint!

    Happy Recovery, @mature mama! I hope everything from the nerve block has finally settled down. Wishing you all the best. :loveshwr:
  12. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    @Layla thank you! So far, I haven’t had a lot of relief from the injection. I think the front of my hip has calmed a little, making the pain in my groin more noticeable. I forget how long it took the last cortisone injection to take effect,
  13. Sammy-Am

    THR Finally done, again

    Hi @Finallydone, Have a great recovery! Keep us posted as you continue this new phase of your journey. :loveshwr:
  14. Sammy-Am

    THR Happy to be on this side of the hill

    Hi @Hotchocolate! Hope you’re recovery is treating you well so far. Best of luck on this new chapter. :loveshwr:
  15. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Hi Friends! Gosh, what an exhausting morning! After what felt like an eternity, I finally had a 6 week follow up with my surgeon. I know I haven’t posted on the forum for a while, but unfortunately my hip is still giving me problems. I find I have the most trouble in the mornings and with...
  16. Sammy-Am

    Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!

    Good Morning, Hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful (and shockingly mild!) Fall day! Welcome to October! So I made a big (and probably premature) leap back into yoga today. I did my first yin class since before my surgery. While the doctor and I have yet to discuss my return to...
  17. Sammy-Am

    THR Proud of myself, it feels like a massive achievement!

    Hi @Hipopapotamus Just wanted to drop by and give you a quick hello! Not to be repetitive, but I think emotional ups and downs are a normal part of the ride for this journey. I’m 3 months out and I still have my daily highs and lows. I think having highs and lows aren’t a bad thing. I think...
  18. Sammy-Am

    THR Solar7's LTHR Recovery Thread

    Hi @Solar7 Glad you were able to advocate for yourself while you were in the hospital. I hope everything at home runs smoothly for you!
  19. Sammy-Am

    THR Lily's recovery

    Hi @Goma, Congratulations on your new hip! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Please keep us updated if you can.
  20. Sammy-Am

    THR Had my 2nd hip put in yesterday.

    Congratulations on having your second hip done! Easier said than done, but try to be patient with this recovery. I learned this year that no two recoveries are the same, even if the surgeries are! Wishing you the best on your journey!

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