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  1. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Thanks for your continuing support @Constanze My Mum WAS slim... too slim in fact! She was unwell last year and her weight fell to 37Kg, she was about 39.5 in this pic and celebrated the fact that she had got to 41Kg just a week before her death. She was slim all her life, but it didn't save...
  2. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Thank you for your sweet message @CricketHip it's nice to feel supported by people across the globe. This whole "Dad thing" is a process, it's just the fact that we don't know the rules yet that is making it a challenge. I'm looking into what sort of stuff I need to know, or who has that...
  3. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Hi Sheryl @Me2 Thank you, sweet friend for your condolences, You are right; the camaraderie of Bonesmart was so helpful during my THR recovery and I miss it regularly when even life's more-minor dramas hit, I felt so lost last night I thought of my Bonesmartie friends and how sharing can help...
  4. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Hi @Constanze Thank you so much for your kind words, and sympathy. I hope I can find the strength for the trials to come... my replaced hip has held up really well -the other one is making its presence known, but I just don't have time to deal with it right now (geez, my mammogram is five...
  5. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Thank you, Claire @MajorHeidi It has been daunting indeed... but on the flip side, I have discovered I am stronger than I thought. Of course, all the paperwork and tying up of loose ends has kept me busy thus far, I think the next few weeks may be difficult too as there's less distraction from...
  6. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Thanks so much @Jaycey I really appreciate the positive vibes - every little bit helps :flwrysmile:
  7. craftdee

    THR Craftdee's Made It Through

    Hello Bonesmarties Well, it's nearly two years since I had my LTHR... and I've still not managed to get to the OS for my first annual check up... it's on my "to do list", honest. I have come on here today to share the sad news that my (and of course my sister Fifi, fellow Bonesmartie) Mum has...
  8. craftdee

    Reverse Shoulder Replacement My Shoulders?!!?

    Just got time to pop on and check out some of my fave BoneSmarties .... and see that you've had your shoulder surgery; gotta say THAT month went fast.... well it did for ME :heehee: So glad you got your sedation-free surgery, and that it worked out for you as you hoped :yes!: I know the real...
  9. craftdee

    THR On the mend

    Yes, and YESSSSS! @45goingon90 I have had and am still having REAL problems with Piriformis Syndrome/Sciatica... and I SO relate to what you're saying; I am 14 months out and it is still the fly in the recovery ointment. The joint pain is gone, for which I am of course very grateful, but the...
  10. craftdee

    1 more sleep to go till 2nd hip replacement!!!

    Hope it all goes well for you @Gilly - sure it will :yes: not long now and at least the PRE op nerves will be a thing of the past.... FOREVER!! :yes!: I'm putting off my second hip, I don't really know why as my recovery was okay - nowhere as bad as I expected; it's "just" anxiety - but you know...
  11. craftdee

    THR Five weeks post-op - going slow

    I, being from Australia @partsgal60 , can concur with what @Sagefemme said (a wise woman indeed :wink:) ... that here we do VERY little formal PT; I was given some basic exercises to do at home unsupervised after discharge, told that walking is the best therapy - they were very keen on getting...
  12. craftdee

    THR teenager hip replacement after SUFE

    Geez!! What bad luck... what an understatement!!! I can't believe this is happening again for you @jasminesmom - though of course "it's" NOT happening is it?? This time you are starting from a position of strength: you have knowledge (knowledge IS power) connections, experience and confidence...
  13. craftdee

    28 yo Aussie female with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Oh I'm not against Private Health Candice, @dandy_candi ... we had it for YEARS (mainly so we didn't have to pay the extra Medicare Levy :snork:) but - like you - I had my share of bad doctors and the last one just happened to be in the Private sector, as in he ONLY did work in the Private...
  14. craftdee

    28 yo Aussie female with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Hi @dandy_candi Welcome to BoneSmart... you will find this site the BEST resource in your THR journey, bar none! Everyone on here has "walked the walk" (or "hobbled the hobble", :old:) and I found that all the "little things" about surgery and recovery were addressed here rather than with...
  15. craftdee

    A week to go and my head is spinning...

    Just to wish you all the very best for your surgery @Mornin' Ralph ... look forward to seeing you over "this" side:flwrysmile:
  16. craftdee

    LTHR Candidate beginning the journey

    Hi @MI Chickie I think you'll find the overwhelming consensus on BoneSmart would be "why wait??" Injections do provide SOME relief for SOME patients SOME times... they don't "solve" anything. My OS pointed out that having a THR would have overall health benefits for years to come, so even if...
  17. craftdee

    A week to go and my head is spinning...

    Hi @Mornin' Ralph Glad you got a giggle out of the prunes story :heehee: Hope reading my recovery thread has made you feel more comfortable not less :shocked:... it is a "warts and all" account in real time, so if I was feeling not so good it did reflect in my postings... but the overwhelming...
  18. craftdee

    A week to go and my head is spinning...

    Hi @Mornin' Ralph ... your Doctor sounds like a very sensible Doctor indeed; @Josephine the Forum nurse will be along, I've tagged her for you, she will be so happy to hear your doctor's plans, she will tell you (along with a lot of other things) that hips don't need much help to heal... if...
  19. craftdee

    Just another newbie

    Hi my anxi-e-buddy :loll: Bettejo @zachs mema No shower for four weeks....OMG I'd die!! I showered the morning of Day 1 - so I never missed one day's shower (having the glorious Hibiclense style shower on surgery day or Day 0) Actually the whole sterile wash thing was stressing me out...
  20. craftdee

    Just another newbie

    .... are you sure you aren't ME? @zachs mema :rotfl: My hubby got sick of me whimpering in my sleep, not being able to join in family activities... and, ummm, yup - the general whining :heehee: I don't know if they injected some positivity into the incision, but I just felt so much more on top...

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