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  1. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Day 4. Still feels like someone is hitting me across the backside with a baseball bat but not quite as difficult to get up and down. The pain isn't THAT bad -- but still taking the oxycodone -- but being that the pain is right in the middle of the rear, well, there is no way you can't...
  2. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Post surgery now. This is definitely not as bad as a hip replacement although granted, I'm still coming off the hospital pain medication. Will be taking my oxycodone absolutely on schedule for the next couple days. Bad news -- this really will be a pain in the butt. The hip pain was on the...
  3. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Helloi @Trailgirl The fatigue may be because of the anesthesia and how long you were under. Another effect of the anesthesia on me at least, was short term memory problems. I had to tell everyone who wanted to tell me something that they'd better follow it up with a text, email or voice...
  4. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Hello @Trailgirl Did you have your surgery? If so, how did it go? I'm finally having mine in 5 days
  5. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Hello All Well, I finally have a new date for my right sacral iliac fusion but OMG, my life has changed and this recovery is going to be interesting and somewhat scary. Before Christmas, my Mum, Dad and I all got Covid. My Mum did not survive and died January 3rd. My Dad is now living with...
  6. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Thanks everyone! And for the webinar information, @Jamie ! I will definitely register for it. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this side of the pond.
  7. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Hello all. Thanks to Covid, my surgery is indefinitely postponed. Mixed blessing. Because of that, I spent today cooking and now im agony but tomorrow, my Dad, Mum, brother and sister-in-law will be at my house for Thanksgiving. This will be my Dad's last Thanksgiving and maybe he'll make...
  8. kayak59

    TKR Bikeknit's Recovery Thread

    I think the kind of car makes all the difference -- how much leg room you have and the degree that your knee can bend. I think I was driving for very short distances within two weeks of getting my right knee done but it didn't take more than 10 minutes or so before my knee started to ache...
  9. kayak59

    TKR What would you do?

    @MariaB I agree with absolutely everything everyone said above. There is only one thing I can't do with my new knees and that is sit back on my heels -- which I'm perfectly fine with. But, related to that, I am a kayaker and the way I get in my boats is to sit down on the seat and then fold...
  10. kayak59

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    @London Trainer Wow! That you for your encouragement! I want to to resume Pilates and eventually get my teacher certification, then go for additional training to help people. My main goal after this SI Fusion is to resume Pilates and strengthen my core to try and hold off that spinal...
  11. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Hello @Elf1 My doctor (and other literature I've read) said that sacral iliac disfunction (and eventually surgery) is real common after a spinal fusion. Hope you can hold that off as long as possible. In my case, I will probably be having the spinal fusion sooner or later but I'm hoping that...
  12. kayak59

    TKR TKR concerns -

    @mjmackin I had both knees and hips done and since I was a contractor and did not get paid if I didn't work, I took minimal time off for three of the surgeries. (Was laid off just before one hip so that time wasn't an issue.) What @leejaa and @Celle said about the brain fog and tiredness...
  13. kayak59

    TKR 6wks, doing great

    I had my second TKR four weeks after my first. I thought I chose the worst knee to go first but the doctor said he didn't know how I was walking on the 2nd and said it could have been an emergency TKR any time. Anyway, even though my first hip was still recovering after my 2nd, I no longer had...
  14. kayak59

    THR Oct 13 RTHR for accidents & wear & tear

    @lynly Yes, you should be able to do Pilates after your TKR. If you can, find an instructor who has extra certification or training in working with people with restrictions. I can tell you that I've gone back to mat work after both my TKRs and THR and I'm looking forward to starting back...
  15. kayak59

    TKR Is TKR worth it

    @LilyM " My question is, is it really worth it having TKR? " YES, YES, and YES! When you wake up in Recovery, the first thing you may notice is the pain is gone. Yes, afterwards there will be the soft tissue pain from the incision but oh my goodness, that horrible bone on bone pain will...
  16. kayak59

    THR Oh no! What did I do?

    @Layla I think you should put that reality vs expectations graphic in the welcome email you send to everyone!
  17. kayak59

    THR Oh no! What did I do?

    Hello @Almost6wksout More than a few people have listened to their bodies and stopped physical therapy or got a different therapist because they were being pushed too hard. Sounds like you may have some transportation issues but, if there is any way you can get to a pool and walk, I believe...
  18. kayak59

    Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

    Thanks @Celle Even if I don't find anyone who has had this, the post op experience should be similar to other surgeries so everyone's support will still be helpful. Sounds like it will take a lot longer to get my independence back so at least I have a place to whine and grumble. Hmmm...
  19. kayak59

    TKR New Knee New Me’s TKR Recovery

    Hello @Newkneenewme I was in the same pre-op condition as you were -- out of shape and bone on bone. But you will get your muscle strength back and as you walk longer, your overall conditioning. Patience and time -- just keep moving -- slow and gentle. Come here when you are feeling...
  20. kayak59

    Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

    @London Trainer Everyone is here for you anytime you are feeling blue. Everyone's recovery is different but I was kayaking 2 months after my 2nd knee was done. (Had them done 4 weeks) apart. Granted, my friends had to carry my kayak and help me get in and out but I could do it. I rode 10...

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