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    Knee Infection* Is this normal?

    @RhodyRed, I have a friend whose knee became septic, but she fully recovered after the same regime you faced. All the best to you for this complication.
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    Bilateral TKR VA Mom March 2023

    Beachy, you have a wonderful sense of humor and have an entertaining way of looking at things such as PTs who don't empathize with our pain. I was lucky to have a gentler PT, but I think they are few and far between.
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    Bilateral TKR VA Mom March 2023

    EalingGran, your private pilates lessons sound helpful. I'm leaning in the Pilates direction.
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    Bilateral TKR VA Mom March 2023

    @VAMom, I like @RaeRae1 's advice. Be careful about making your skin too cold with icing. Wow, you had a bilateral, and even though you are young, it is double-tough. The recovery process for knee replacement is very slow, and patience is key so that we don't get depressed. We all get the blues...
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    TKR New Here

    Hello, FamilyBates, I agree that the toughest pain is at night. I remember getting up out of bed to walk around the house to alleviate the knee pain. Your situation will improve. I am at 3.5 months post op and have very little discomfort at night. Recovery is painfully slow with a TKR. All...
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    TKR Lateral tilt of patella after tkr

    @EalingGran -- glad to know about the medial quads to help tracking of patella.
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    TKR Is this normal?

    So interesting that our TKR can continue to improve even after a year. Patience is so hard, I agree, @Jockette and @JusticeRider. Good to know, @EalingGran, that stairclimbing is one of the last skills to normalize. Swelling is the norm for me even at 3 and a half months post op.
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    TKR A Right Above-Knee Amputee has left TKR

    Pirate, you are awesome and determined. Fierce and strong. You are only a month post-op and doing well.
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    TKR Is this normal?

    Hi Alifpb, a year is not up since your TKR in September, and your pain at night will subside by then. This is what I am hearing. I am 3 months post-op, and go to bed with a pain level of 2. Friends who have had knee replacements tell me recovery is often more than a year. I am sorry you are...
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    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    Hey, JusticeRider, thankful, too, that you fell but did not hurt your knee. Feel better!
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    TKR Recovery #2

    Beachy, I could not life my operated total knee replacement for two and a half weeks post op. My at home (at the time) physical therapist said this was because the quad tendon had been cut and stitched up. We had a message board for the surgical group, and I was told not to worry because the...
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    TKR My journey so far RTKR

    I totally agree with Beachy!
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    TKR My journey so far RTKR

    Beachy, great advice about icing, elevation, and rest. I find sitting to be my worst enemy which makes swelling increase more than outpatient PT. I am lucky that my physical therapist is reasonable although still somewhat painful. I am done with my 6 week requirement but want my PT to request...
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    TKR TKR January 19

    Great idea, EalingGran, to elevate and ice when swelling is bad.
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    PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

    JusticeRider and friends, indeed, recovery is a rollercoaster ride, and has ups and downs. I am scaling back on my "On feet" activities. I tend to overdo and need to rest more.
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    Knee Infection* Adieu

    Jazzer, great to hear you are doing well.
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    TKR What was your limit on pain meds.

    Yeah, Chris, let them get that first hand experience. Hang in there. Glad you are complaining.
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    TKR 12 Years Later

    Terry, I am not an expert, but your painful knee is talking to you. I don't think stress has anything to do with it. I am sorry to hear that one replacement is hurting. Please keep us posted.
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    MUA My new left knee-has Athrofibrosis, what now?

    Cinder, I used my walker for six weeks post op. Sorry to hear of your long car ride to your doctor. It is good to be cautious regarding falling. At nine weeks post op, I'm happy the swelling has gone down quite a bit. I wear compression knee highs because I don't want the little uphill...
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    TKR Maggiexcruzin's Recovery Thread

    Maggie, I was shocked at how much pain in the recovery phase. You will get better, little by little, and one thing that helps me is taking a nap every afternoon with my dog.

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