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    Knee Infection* Failed TKR revision - fusion/amputation advice

    I've been managing the dressings myself (retired Podiatrist). Because of the volume of fluid released I've been using superabsorbants (Zetuvit+ or Vliwasorb) or a calcium alginate covered with gauze. Use Medihoney on the surface lesions (no reported resistance) when they occur and Cavilon if she...
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    Knee Infection* Failed TKR revision - fusion/amputation advice

    The skin graft worked fine. The drainage is from the subsequent staph infection a year later. She has 3 sinus tracts around her knee and one to two drain at the same time. Been doing this for about three years at this point. She's on Bactrim DS and Cefadroxil and is folled by an ID doc with...
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    Knee Infection* Failed TKR revision - fusion/amputation advice

    Fusion and AK amputation are not good options. Get a second opinion from a top plastics person and maybe they can transfer some of his gatroc muscle to cover most of it as my wife had done. She had the skin graft and a large constrained joint put in that got reinfected a year later. She was...
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    Knee Infection* Total Knee Revision due to infection

    Our surgeon wanted us to get two second opinions. We had a remote 2nd opinion from Dr. Bostrom who felt that fusion or amputation would have been the likely best course as our surgeon was leaning. Had another opinion from Dr. Patrick Meere at NYU who spent close to an hour with us on the phone...
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    TKR Which way should I go?

    Have you gone through a course of physical therapy?
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    Knee Infection* Advice - Two Stage Revision and Cement Spacers

    Some people can walk with a spacer and some like my wife never could. She waited about 6 months untill a new joint was put in. They will not put in a new joint unless the infection clears which is likely but not certain. Sometimes if the infection doesn't clear they put in a new spacer. There...
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    TKR Spacer

    Wife was in a somewhat similar situation with 9 surgeries in 2 years. They wanted to fuse or amputate because of the multiple infections (MRSA/MSSA) and questions whether the quad tendon would work. Got multiple consults on the surgeons advice (Cleveland Clinic NYU HSS) and we explained to the...
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    Knee Infection* Failed Two-Stage Revision - what now?

    My wife had a 2 stage revision with 6 months between stages and a constrained knee was put in, then after 11 months got another infection washout and iv antibiotics and doxy and that lasted 11 months. She is in the hosp now with the recurrence and they are waiting for the culture to see if it is...
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    Knee Infection* Intermittent Pain

    Make the changes to my sig below, thanks Infection Right TKR - February 20, 2020, Irrigation and Debridement Revision Right TKR - February 19, 2019, Stage two, Revision Right TKR - August 28, 2018, Stage one, Gastroc muscle flap, skin spacer, IM rod for temporary fusion Peggy, Yeah, you really...
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    Knee Infection* Intermittent Pain

    Thank you. Surgery dates: 12/17 left TKA, 6/18 right TKA, 8/17 rt washout and debridement massive skin loss in front of leg (6x8 inches) infected with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, enterococcus faecalis, Proteus mirables 12/18-end of month (dif hospital) removal of prosthesis fixed antibiotic...
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    Knee Infection* Intermittent Pain

    Anyone had the following symptoms: Hx: Overweight, RA, Knee replacement led to multiple infections and muscle flap coverage. Last surgery put a constrained joint in just under a year ago after much convincing since they wanted to fuse it. On the only oral antibiotic that covers the last...
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    Knee Infection* Where to go to fix a serious infection after TKR

    NYC Calin Moucha Mount Sinai Patrick Meere NYU They say Hospital for Special Surgery is the best in the nation but the consultants were too quick to want to fuse my wife's leg. Her leg was ultimately reconstruction after more than 6 months with a 2 stage revision and a large skin graft after...
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    TKR 10 Months Post-TKR; can’t stand from chair seat lower than my knee

    My wife is in a similar situation after a horrendous TKR infection with tissue destruction and a reconstruction of the joint after being bedridden for over 6 months and with Erb's palsy in her left arm, . My thoughts: own a rollator with a 22" seat We are considering Kaboost Booster Seat that...
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    Knee Infection* Intermittent Pain

    History Wife is 60 significantly overweight 300lbs. Sero neg RA Fibromyalgia. 3 level neck fusion and a brachioplexus injury at birth giving her limited use of her left arm. Knee was completely bone on bone and excruciating limiting mobility in the extreme (on a good day we could go to a movie...

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