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  1. Lynne54

    THR hip surgery Dec 11

    I had right THR in March 2022 and although I had a bit of a tough time, it was well worth it. I live on my own so it was not easy. Mine was a posterior hip replacement, whereas in the US they seem to do more anterior hip replacements. With anterior replacements. It may well be possible to...
  2. Lynne54

    Wrist Carpel tunnel surgery

    I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and it has made such a difference It's a relatively straightforward quick procedure and is usually combined with another procedure. I had carpal tunnel undertaken alongside trapeziectomy and trigger fingers, and have in the last week had more...
  3. Lynne54

    Wrist HELP Trapezial resection and CTRS

    I have had trapeziectomy surgery to both hands, the last one was done in late November 2022. I still occasionally get swelling and pain, together with forearm pain which can travel up to my shoulder. There is a long recovery period after this surgery. It is very difficult to rest your hands...
  4. Lynne54

    THR Upcoming Hip Replacement - Feeling nervous!

    Best wishes for your surgery tomorrow. I had THR in March last year, and although apprehensive beforehand, and a challenging recovery due to living on my own, the benefits far outweigh everything. You will be fine.
  5. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    Hi @Marie54 , Apologies for the delay in replying. I will try and answer your questions as best I can. I bought some flossing "sticks" which have a piece of floss fixed between two points which were fine. Opening jars was difficult,but I bought a jar opener which I put round the lid with my...
  6. Lynne54

    THR Ready to go. Surgery tomorrow AM

    Good luck with your surgery. A THR makes such a difference to your life.
  7. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    I had a good night's sleep even with my hand and arm pointing upwards, strapped to my headboard. It has certainly helped with the swelling and i had no pain at all this morning. Moving around now has triggered a few twinges, but I can put up with that. I am only taking paracetamol now but will...
  8. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    The pain has been off the scale since last night, and I have been trialled on various medications as there are some that do not agree with me. Morphine did not work but made me dizzy, light headed and sick. I am now on codeine and paracetamol which is helping. My BP is a bit erratic which is...
  9. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    My trapeziectomy and carpal tunnel surgery went well this morning. I had regional anaesthetic which takes around 20 minutes to administer and take effect. I couldn't see what was going in during the surgery, and only felt some tugging and pulling. My whole arm is still numb and this usually...
  10. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    Thank you. I have to be at the hospital at 07.30 tomorrow as apparently I am first on the list. Will update you when I am on the other side.
  11. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    When I got out of bed in the night ona couple of occasions I passed out, hit my head on basin and hurt my shoulder etc. Therefore as a precaution I am staying in for one night as I have no one at home, except for my cat.
  12. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    Is removed to fill in the void, and it assists with regeneration. The prep time in numbing the arm took a while as I recall. If for instance that numbing didn't take total affect, then they may use a general anaesthetic to fall back on. It's unlikely to happen though. Last time I had issues...
  13. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    Good morning, From what I remember the surgery was not that long but my procedure was different from what you are having done in that a ligament will be taken from my forearm and will be used as a "sling" when the trapezius bone is remov
  14. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    Hi, I had my ore-op yesterday, checking on the same things as you had. My op will be done using nerve block, and fall back to general anaesthetic if needed, but that is unlikely. I prefer the nerve block. They normally give you some kind of sedative too. I fell asleep during the op on my right...
  15. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    My right thumb which I had done in March 2021 still plays up with the thumb joint quite swollen at times. At least I have far more movement with it than previously. My left hand is being operated on 29th November. If I could avoid it I would as it is not my dominant hand. It's not going to get...
  16. Lynne54

    THR Lynne54's Recovery Thread

    Hip seems to be fine now and only occasionally plays up a little, and it's not very comfortable laying on the replacement hip side. I am now awaiting my next surgery which is left hand trapeziectomy, carpal tunnel and trigger fingers scheduled for 29th November. I had the same surgery on my...
  17. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    Yes I will definitely have the nerve block again. It does take time to administer.the injections in various areas under the arm. I couldn't see what was going on during surgery, but didn't attempt to look either. As you have someone at home that's great. I am on my own so I will prepare meals in...
  18. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    My surgery is booked for 29th November at Queen Victoria Hospital. I have asked to see the surgeon beforehand which should be okay as he has clinics at the hospital where I work. I am concerned about my BP as it dropped drastically for a few days after THR, and also when I had right...
  19. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    I think you may find that pre-op assessments are only valid for a certain length of time, so your op may well be earlier than January. The regional block was okay but yes, I did hear some noises, such as the drilling, but it was very quiet. I drifted off occasionally though. I did have a fair...
  20. Lynne54

    Hand Waiting for #2 Trapeziectomy

    I need to sort out a date and will let you know. I had right total hip replacement in March this year. Fortunately at this stage I only have surgery to my left hand outstanding. This procedure will be the same as that undertaken on my right hand. A tendon is taken out of my forearm, and when...

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