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  1. Birdy

    TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

    So happy you are in good hands and improving. I like pancakes from M as well, yum! Hope David and Madison can stay long, or better, Madison can stay until you go home.
  2. Birdy

    Revision TKR Wberry knee is up<

    Set the alarm please. Wish you a pain less recovery. You will be good.
  3. Birdy

    TKR Birdy's Recovery Thread

    Thanks @Celle @Jamie yes I should stop worried too much about ROM. Went to wedding ceremony for about 2 hours, then a short tea at bride's parent home, and I ended up attended the reception which lasted till 10pm and dancing started. We left at that point. Fortunately today my knee are not...
  4. Birdy

    TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

    You are so kind and compassionate, @momweb @SarahJane and many others sums up so well, hope you get better soon.
  5. Birdy

    TKR New knee for me !

    Lili you are just18 days after surgery, so of course you still need a lots of rest. I stayed 7 days in hospital, mostly sleeping and resting, very few PT as at the time all the med (33 med a day) upset my tummy a lot, then I stayed about 10 days in rehab hospital, besides 2 sessions PT (50...
  6. Birdy

    TKR Birdy's Recovery Thread

    Week 9.5 today. Has my 17th PT, another 3 sessions, then I will be on my own exercises. At times I felt the ROM isn't progressing, today I copied records from PT file: 2week 7/103 (R) 2/100 (L) 3week 0/105 0/107 4week 4/101 3/103 6week...
  7. Birdy

    TKR 7 yrs out bilateral tkr

    So happy for your excellent MUA results. Great!
  8. Birdy

    Revision TKR Never give up, keep trying, don't settle - that's me, Bonnie

    Bonnie, you have so many wonderful friends here who really care about you, and the brand new granddaughter you can care and play in X'mas period, there are so much hopes there, you will be good this time.
  9. Birdy

    Revision TKR Revision after 4 years of problems

    Craig1 I hope you will get the answer and have the issue sorted out. Just don,t give up. @skigirl i admire your takes time to help our Bonesmarties. Craig1 I think you may find @Nana moon 27 ,s thread helpful.
  10. Birdy

    TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

    Katie I am thinking of you and hope your pain eased a bit. Hug.
  11. Birdy

    Revision TKR Wberry knee is up<

    Thank you for share this excellent report. I am very happy for you.
  12. Birdy

    Revision TKR Never give up, keep trying, don't settle - that's me, Bonnie

    I read through all 115 pages and followed your progress thread in about 10 days, very sorry for your suffering during past 5 years, and admire your courage and efforts try to rectify it. I am also glad for your finding the cause and get a OS you trust. Sad for few days, and I know you will pick...
  13. Birdy

    Revision TKR Wberry knee is up<

    So glad for you the revision was a success, wish you a prompt and uneventful recovery. You have been optimistic and strong through the ordeal, I admire your strength and efforts greatly. Keep the good job and let your friends here know your progress.
  14. Birdy

    TKR Nana Moon's Shiny New Second Knee

    I am one who read all your threads although not posting much, and I am so happy you got good rom, 135! And the other also improved. It surely is great to share as it is quite a recovery. Thanks for keep posting.
  15. Birdy

    TKR Slainte's Big Adventure

    So glad you are doing pretty well, just do everything you told us on our recovery thread, and I am sure you will recover to your satisfaction, again. Good decision and good job!
  16. Birdy

    TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

    Katie, I hope weekend will ease your mayor pain and your next message will come in very soon to let all your friends here know you are fine. Hug, and sending best wishes.
  17. Birdy

    Revision TKR second option

    So pleased you find the answer and get the good knee now. Wish you a smooth recovery.
  18. Birdy

    TKR TKR 7/2012 large bumps pictures included

    Very glad you don,t feel pain at all, and hope PT will have some good results. Very pleased you are thinking of other Bonesmarties and will update more. This is sure an excellent club.
  19. Birdy

    TKR New knee for me !

    I believe OS will make good decision as to what next, so don,t worry. For operation three days ago, you seems doing great. Keep rest ice etc good job and you will improve even more.
  20. Birdy

    PKR Raffs' Recovery Thread<'

    A long process but you are there! Enjoy your new freedom and let us know more when you can.

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