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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    Week 16 update: Finally getting sleep. I’m taking a Tylenol or two at night along with a prescription muscle relaxant. Also broke down and renewed my Celebrex prescription. It makes me not feel so good, but the alternative was not working. That has really helped the last few of weeks. No longer...
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    TKR ski_bum's Recovery Thread

    I am 16 weeks out and just put on my ski boot for the first time. Marched around the house it felt pretty good until I took it off then That was uncomfortable. i think your decision to cancel surgery till next spring is a good one. Realistically, I don’t think that right now at four months, I...
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    TKR Powerhouse's Recovery

    When you go to PT tell them about your hip. They should be able to give you some stretching exercises and also do some manipulation to help. At week 12 my hip has mostly stopped hurting and I can actually sit for more than 10 minutes before squirming.
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    TKR Last visit

    I am at 12 weeks TKR and I still get nausea from time to time. I am also very sensitive to anesthesia. Fresh ginger, ginger ale that has ginger in it and ginger snaps with real ginger All help. I also got a prescription for nausea. It was probably week seven before the insistent nausea started...
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    My sleep habit used to be turned back corner of the covers, slide in, cover up immediately fall to sleep. In the morning pull back a corner, slide out replace the corner of the cover and the bed was made. Now since the surgery, it looks as though I’ve been doing extreme aerobics with the covers...
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    I woke up Wednesday morning with a rash on my knee. It does not itch or hurt. It is in the area that I apply the prescribed topical gel from the OS. So, I think I’m having an allergic reaction to it. I washed it good keeping it dry and I’m not using the gel again. When I went to PT yesterday...
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    I have done a lot of resting. I actually got two nights sleep about seven hours. That was amazing! Yesterday did nine holes of golf using a cart with friends. Had a great time. Was even able to par on two holes. My knee felt well although my golf swing needs a little polishing. I know that...
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    My last appointment, we reviewed the pain and the sleeplessness. At that point I was given the topical prescription to help cut back on the Tylenol. I was told sleeplessness is just part of the process and it would get better.
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    Thanks for the input. I thought that there must be something wrong. Napping isn’t easy for me but maybe just relaxing will help.
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    I am trying to find the balance of exercising enough but not overdoing it. I have the long game goal to be able to downhill snow ski in 2022. so I am taking all the great advice that I am being given and rest more.
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    I’m taking 3900 to 4500 mg of Tylenol a day. None of my other medication‘s have it in them. I have been taking this much daily since 5 days after surgery. Most days it doesn’t feel like it’s really helping . Especially at night. If it is indeed helping, I can’t imagine what it would be like...
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    Hello all! I’ve been spending the last few days reading posts. It has been very enlightening. Now for the long post to hopefully give enough information that people can give me some thoughts & suggestions. So, here I am finishing up 10 weeks post surgery. Best way to describe where I am is...
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    TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

    TKR Right knee April 26, 2021
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    Welcome to the April Rainbows' 2021 Knee Recovery Club

    TKR Right knee April 26, 2021

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