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  1. JayP

    THR LTHR - Dysplasia & Legg Calve Perthes Disease

    @JT56 hope you are doing well. Perthes here as well - bilateral (right was significantly worse). Had oseotomies at 10 years old. Also had a clean-up of the right hip around 18 years old (loose bone/cartilage fragments floating around and labral tear). Had the right hip replaced at 45 years old...
  2. JayP

    THR I think its time...THR.

    @tanvat Have a good trip. I dealt with increasing pain and loss of range of motion. For me the loss was in toward centre and up toward chest. I was dealing with that but my trigger point for the surgery was aching pain just lying in bed.
  3. JayP

    THR I think its time...THR.

    @tanvat I'm currently 52. Had my right THR at age 45. Been active with weight lifting and boxing since 2016. Prior to the surgery I had years of doing weights, karate, jiu-jitsu, and yoga. Prior to the surgery my surgeon wasn't too keen on my going back to jiu-jitsu so I looked at more 'hip...
  4. JayP

    THR What would you do? Please help

    As some others have already said, and as my surgeon said, if you are clinically a candidate you have to decide if you are in enough pain or if quality of life has been impacted enough. When you state "repositioning" do you mean surgery (osteotomy?). I had that on both hips when around 10. I...
  5. JayP

    Where are are the guys on here?!

    Guy checking in. I check in once-in-awhile but was much more active here prior to surgery and in the first few months after. @sfbaylover Very similar story - bilateral Perthes - surgery with hardware at a young age - right was worse - osteoarthritis got the better of me - replacement almost 5...
  6. JayP

    When do I know its time?

    I had mine done in 2015. Found a surgeon I trusted and liked. When I first really considered the replacement (around 2012, maybe) I saw my surgeon and was expecting one of 2 answers: 1. "You're nowhere near ready... don't do it" or 2. "Can't believe you walked in here on that hip. Worst I've...
  7. JayP


    Spinal with sedation was mostly great for me. Prior to the hip replacement I'd had several surgeries, all with general - always sick for several hours. Felt great upon waking after the spinal. However I was one of several patients THAT particular day that had trouble urinating. A quick...
  8. JayP

    Did you have referred pain in your knee?

    I absolutely had knee pain and that is gone now with the replacement. I still have it on the non-operated side. My hip can catch a spot when sitting that I would swear is my knee 'locking up' that I have to wiggle around in order to stand sometimes, especially after being active. Not nearly as...
  9. JayP

    Did you teach yourself to sleep on your back before surgery?

    Practicing probably not a bad idea. I am not a back sleeper, although oddly enough I can nap on my back. I didn't practice before surgery and didn't end up having a hard time after surgery. I think I was tired enough that it wasn't an issue. I used a recliner but I don't think I slept in it...
  10. JayP

    Too young

    Had my RTHR at 44 just over 2 years ago. Back to boxing, weight lifting, and walking/hiking/cycling. I've been cleared for just about anything and have chosen to stay light on the squatting and deadlifting. Once I was given the ok for weight lifting, I had planned on a very VERY slow progression...
  11. JayP

    A couple of questions - 7 weeks until LTHR in Ontario

    @JennsHip same surgeon. My surgery was only 2 years ago but I don't really remember much about the Internist so it must not have been a big deal. Just routine stuff. As to the spinal... wow! I was impressed, having had general for several previous surgeries, it was fantastic. No nausea, no...
  12. JayP

    Anterior vs Posterior Hip Surgery?

    @JennsHip That's the one: Dr. Williams at Jurivinski. Great surgeon and great experience from start to finish.
  13. JayP

    Anterior vs Posterior Hip Surgery?

    My surgeon does both and because of my history and scars from previous surgeries he decided to go with lateral (not anterior). I had precautions somewhat more so due to being able to shorten my leg to even things out. @JennsHip my surgery was in Hamilton as well.
  14. JayP

    A question re: Anesthetic for surgery

    Another spinal here for my hip replacement. Several general anesthetics in the past and all left me nauseous and groggy. The spinal was fantastic! Only one minor issue - that day I was about 1 of 5 patients that had difficulty urinating afterwards; needed an in-and-out catheter (not nearly as...
  15. JayP

    How long did it take to know surgery was the answer for you?

    My final decision was brought on by a more gradual, longer worsening. Both hips were 'bad' but the right was worse. Most obvious was the range of motion, which I'd been adapting to. In the 10 or so years before the replacement, I'd considered a replacement, seriously 3 or 4 times but couldn't...
  16. JayP

    Sport: post surgery

    Can't comment on falling as I haven't done that yet. Been 1 year and 1 month since my RTHR. At my 1 year follow-up I got the ok to pretty much do anything. My surgeon still didn't think distance running was great. I'm lifting weights (just progressing slowly and carefully with squats and...
  17. JayP

    Log Leg

    I used a yoga strap I had been using for stretching before surgery. It has a plastic buckle to form an adjustable loop (and I did sometimes have to try several times to lasso my foot... but I wasn't usually in a hurry).
  18. JayP

    So-called preventive use of antibiotics after hip replacement

    For me, in Canada, my surgeon admits it's a controversial topic but says he prefers to err on the side of caution, and is recommending pre-dental antibiotics for 2 years from the surgery. My dentist commented that he no longer thinks it is necessary but that I should feel free to follow my...
  19. JayP

    THR The marvels of recovery

    @JulieJF Excellent! Looks like things are going well for you. I had my 1-year follow-up last week. I go back in 5 years. He said if I miss that one, just come back in ANOTHER 5-years. He said the next crucial time he likes to see patients again (unless of course there are specific issues) is 20...
  20. JayP

    Pre op pain vs Post op pain

    For me, no post-op pain. Pre-op pain was bad and just getting worse. Post-op I think meds and respecting the surgery and any temporary restrictions made it basically pain-free. Swelling, stiffness, and constipation were other matters and all temporary.

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