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  1. magpie2023

    TKR 5 months after TKR

    I thought that I would be all better at this point in my healing!!!! It has been a challenge for me to get more ROM….. At about 3 and a half months, my bulging disc started acting up and I couldn’t do the walking or biking that I had been doing and it took about a month to recover from that...
  2. magpie2023

    Bilateral TKR Beachjunkie's journey, I made it!

    I found the medication challenging as well. I kept a record of what I took and the time that I took it; that helped in case I forgot. I also wrote down how much acetaminophen was in each dose so that I didn’t go over my daily amount (it can be bad for your liver). Some days I went over, but I...
  3. magpie2023

    TKR 5 months after TKR

    I had my left knee replaced on March 20, 2023
  4. magpie2023

    TKR 5 months after TKR

    I had Mako TKR on March 20, 2023. Went in to surgery at 6:30 and was out of the hospital by 1:30 that afternoon and went home because I got the okay from PT. I had to be able to go up and down some stairs, get on and off the toilet and put on my own clothes. Surgery took about an hour and a...
  5. magpie2023

    TKR 5 months after TKR

    I just want to say how much BoneSmart has helped me in my recovery. I found you at about 9 - 10 weeks post-op and my stress and worry totally faded after reading articles and forums. I now understand that my knee will heal the way my knee heals. I am approaching 3 months out and my knee is...

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