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  1. patriciad

    TKR On the other side

    Your scar looks to be healing beautifully and you ae doing very well indeed for just 3 weeks out. Nights are difficult but it might be worth trying the Saran Wrap (Cling Film )Method to ease the knee overnight. Search the threads on here for the post detailing the original video of the method...
  2. patriciad

    MUA LTKR journey and feeling discouraged

    You are doing really well and have a good ROM which if you treat the knee gently will gradually improve. I have learnt to trust the Bone Smart Method of slowly does it and have healed my PKR without any outpatient Physical Therapy after a poor experience with an aggressive Therapist. You don't...
  3. patriciad

    TKR Surgery Update

    Hope you are progressing nicely. Those first weeks home after surgery are so challenging. You are in pain and discomfort, stressing over what is normal or abnormal, not sleeping well and so much more. It's great you have found this site as so much great information and support from people who...
  4. patriciad

    TKR Dr says trust the knee? How when it's unstable and gives out?

    Such good news. Hope it continues to improve.
  5. patriciad

    TKR JASPA 2nd recovery

    just catching up after being offline again for a week or so. Hope progress has continued and you were able to resume swimming OK. Sending wishes for continued healing.
  6. patriciad

    PKR PKR Under Knee Caps

    @Carolyn5 Welcome to Bonesmart. Read all those articles there is the best information in them. I know it seems like forever but 5 months and 3 months into recovery is still early days. Having needed the 2 knees done it will be a longer process because you will not have been walking properly for...
  7. patriciad

    PKR Should I worry?

    Absolutely everything you read in the articles applies to a partial as well as a full replacement- I’ve had one of each so can attest to the validity of the articles as they relate to a partial. I imagine that vacuuming out your minivan ( yikes) so early in the healing process has caused your...
  8. patriciad

    TKR Post Op knee recovery fears, concerns, and optimisms

    Yes to all. I too was injured at 3 weeks out by a PT who had me on a squat machine and bike with resistance as I presented as doing so well. It was a huge setback both physically and emotionally and there are many of us here who have experienced similar from Therapy. I took 3 weeks of back to...
  9. patriciad

    TKR Dr says trust the knee? How when it's unstable and gives out?

    I had an aggressive first PT appointment at 3 weeks out which gave me that giving out experience. My surgeon did an X ray that alleviated my fears re the prosthetic damage but did show tissue inflammation and something with the quad. It took 3 weeks of back to icing, resting and elevation with...
  10. patriciad

    PKR Patriciad Left PKR Recovery

    @partialfixFeb - I was having to use shopping carts as walking aids before I had a first consultation so totally missed the boat on my right knee! I did learn from that mistake as my surgeon said the left had the beginnings of arthritis so I was much more aware going forward. When it was...
  11. patriciad

    PKR Long Story of my Battle with a Bad Knee

    @beesknee - No I don’t have nor ever had grinding in the PKR. I had a setback at 3 weeks out from my one and only aggressive PT appointment. After that I had pain on weight bearing and the sensation of my leg buckling. X-rays showed tissue inflammation and I had to go back to square one resting...
  12. patriciad

    PKR Patriciad Left PKR Recovery

    @Carol Anna - the Recovery with my PKR has definitely been more straightforward than with my Total so I am left with the takeaway that I should not have procrastinated and left the right knee to get to the state it did but addressed it sooner. Looking back I waited far too long and I’ve been...
  13. patriciad

    TKR JASPA 2nd recovery

    So great to read your positive update today @jaspa Slow and steady wins the race and 1500 - 2000 steps daily is excellent progress. Your ROM will improve and soon enough you’ll have two pain free working knees. It feels marvelous to get to that regardless of how long it takes. Keep up the good...
  14. patriciad

    PKR Long Story of my Battle with a Bad Knee

    I am so sorry you have not had any improvement in all this time. You are one day after me so I can only imagine your disappointment and frustration. If it were me I would be researching another surgeon not connected with your current practice and going for a 2nd opinion. You deserve better.
  15. patriciad

    PKR Patriciad Left PKR Recovery

    10 months out! Hello everyone - I’ve been offline for a while - I did check in and read the threads when possible but little else as we are in the process of moving. We sold in March and I packed a whole house full of boxes in 3 weeks. I was ready for the knee to complain but it cooperated...
  16. patriciad

    TKR Week 1 Recovery

    So glad to hear that you are progressing well with your recovery. Nights are often harder than the days and trying to get comfortable a real challenge. You are handling this in exactly the right way with more ice and elevating. Ice was my best friend. My OS suggested Melatonin and I did find it...
  17. patriciad

    TKR 2nd knee, 2nd recovery

    Wonderful to hear of some real change with your recovery. Being able to use so little in the way of pain meds is such a step forward ( how’s that for a terrible pun) So hoping that the worst is definitely behind you, your knee will continue to heal and you can start to resume and enjoy more...
  18. patriciad

    PKR Frustration

    @Mia your post reminded me of times with both knees that I was so over recovery and wondered if I’d ever feel close to normal again! It’s very hard at times on our bodies and spirit. You will get there.
  19. patriciad

    TKR Week 1 Recovery

    If you read through the articles that @sistersinhim linked you will see there is one called Post Op blues a reality. Even the least emotional of us have bouts of the blues. Early on it can be due to the anasthesia we’ve got in our bodies and the body’s reaction to the major surgery. You can get...
  20. patriciad

    TKR Week 1 Recovery

    Welcome to the Forum! You are doing well for just a week out in being so mobile and being able to do the tiptoe exercise. Your friends were very lucky in not experiencing much pain. When you think of what occurs during surgery to the bone and surrounding tissues there has to be pain but of...

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